How To Cook Nigerian Fried Rice

Everyone loves fried rice, but not everyone can prepare it. It's served at almost all occasions and we all scramble for it๐Ÿ˜‹, at least over the stewed, coconut and jollof rice.
I want to teach us how we can prepare this interesting delicacy, and get the best of it.

Your sex isn't a barrier, as even men have been proven to prepare some of the best delicacies and so you have to join us in this tutorial, and don't forget to include my stomach when preparing your own๐Ÿ˜†!

Fried Rice Ingredients And Procedure

- rice, 4 cups
- vegetable oil
- half cup of peas 
- meat (chicken, beef, mutton, etc)
- 1 big size of green pepper
- 100 g of cow liver
- a handful of green beans 
- 1 tablespoon of curry powder 
- 3 medium sized onions
- 5 medium sized carrots
- 3 seasoning cubes
- 1 teaspoon of thyme
- Salt according to to taste
- Pepper
- Cabbage

    • Method Of Preparation

    • 1] Parboil the white rice and put it aside. 

    • 2] Set your cooking pot on the cooker, allow it some time to dry , then you pour in around 10 to 15cl of groundnut or vegetable oil. If you need to add cooking margarine, a sachet would be sufficient. 

    • 3] Let it warm for some moments, then include the cut onions mix for 1-2 minutes and also include the slashed carrot and green beans, any of this two can really go first. 

    • 4] Stir for 1-2 minutes and then include the curry powder, mixing till you are ok with the color. Include the cabbage, stir, meat stock, ground pepper, slashed liver, 1-2 solid shapes of your seasoning and blend,  then taste. 

    • 5] If you are ok with the taste, add your green pepper, blend, add the almost done white rice, mix, cover your pot and 

    • 6] Cook for 5 to 10 minutes, you are finished with fried rice. 
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