8 Beginner Tips For Growing Your Brand On YouTube

 8 Beginner Tips For Growing Your Brand On YouTube

YouTube is one of the booming social media platforms. 

It is a video-sharing platform that allows the users to share either short-span or long-span videos.  YouTube is one of Google's subsidiaries.  It is one of the most used social media sites when compared with other social media platforms.

Many people becoming famous through their YouTube channel.  YouTube has many unique features that allow the users to follow any particular channel they like by subscribing to the channel.  The users can like, share, and comment on the videos shared on this social media platform.   

The YouTubers use their channel to express their opinion or views on something, to showcase their talents and passions, to give much useful information to the viewers, etc., YouTube also enables the YouTubers to make money through the monetization features which are available on YouTube. 

YouTube also has the option for sharing the video through a link.  The users can also download the videos and watch them online.  Thus, it has become one of the most used social media platforms which have billions of users.  The YouTubers who begin a new channel for them often struggle to balance everything in the beginning.  But once they get to know all the tricks and tips, they become unstoppable.  Let’s have a look at the 8 beginner tips for growing the brand on YouTube.


The YouTubers start a YouTube channel for a particular reason.  Some people start their own channel to become famous; some people start a channel to earn money; some people run a YouTube channel for their personal satisfaction etc., 

They should clearly present the vision of their YouTube channel in front of the audience without hiding anything.  This transparency of the YouTubers earns them a lot of subscribers.  They should clearly define what the YouTube channel is used for. 

This helps in driving heavy traffic for the concerned YouTube channel by attracting a lot of viewers.  The viewers shouldn't get confused about what the channel is about. 


YouTube allows the users to create two different types of accounts in YouTube such as personal accounts and brand accounts. When compared with personal accounts, brand accounts prove to be a useful one as it helps the YouTubers to create a unique identity for their channel. 

It enables the YouTubers to get started with branding in the name of their companies and share content in the name of the companies which then leads to the creation of a unique identity for the concerned brand among the other brands available on YouTube.


The branding of the YouTube Channel starts from the name of the YouTube Channel.  The name should be short and crispy and easy to remember.  You may have great content in your videos, but to do the bigger things correctly we have to start doing the smaller things correctly.

The name of the YouTube channel plays a significant role in the branding of the YouTube channel.  The name should short, precise, and easy to remember.  Next comes the description of the YouTube channel.  

This is a place where the viewers get to know about the YouTube Channel.  The description should be short and clear enough to impress the viewers.

This is one of the places where the viewers get transformed into the subscribers of the concerned YouTube channel.


YouTube allows its users to use custom thumbnails if their accounts are verified.  One can verify his/her YouTube account with the phone number.  Once verified, the user can change the channel settings to monetize the channel and to get access to custom thumbnails.

A thumbnail is nothing but a small description of the video in the form of an image.  YouTube automatically offers three thumbnails as the options, so that the YouTubers can choose one.  If the account is verified, the YouTuber can use a custom thumbnail which is nothing but a thumbnail that is created by the YouTuber itself. 


Since YouTube is a social media platform that has a large number of competitors, the YouTubers should know about the competitors.  They should know which type of content is posted by their competitors, what are the strategies they use to drive heavy traffic for their channel, why do people visit their channel, etc.,

Knowing the competitors helps you to make your channel grow and it also helps to make changes if necessary, in your way of approach the viewers.  It also helps to shape the content you create for your YouTube channel. 


When the viewers get attracted by the features of the channel, they come to see the videos on the channel.  The quality of audio and video should be clear enough to keep the eyes of the audience glued to the screen of the gadgets.  A microphone for YouTube is like the soul to a body.

To get clear audio, the microphone used for YouTube channels should be of high quality.  The camera should be sharp enough to give a clear vision and the microphone for YouTube should be smooth enough to convey the sounds clearly to the viewers.


Of course, it is important to know the competitors and their strategies, tricks, and techniques.  It is also equally important to know your own strengths and weaknesses.  You should know why people visit your channel, why they like visiting it regularly, why some people dislike the channel etc.,

You should have clear answers to two questions: What do you have? and what do you lack?  If you have answers to these two questions, then it is clear that you are using your potential in a good way. 


The YouTubers should be consistent in posting the videos.  The posting of the videos should have a fixed frequency.  This shows your dedication and commitment you have towards your channel.

So, it is important to maintain that sort of consistency in posting the videos.  

These tips help beginners to grow their brand on YouTube which has millions of users from many places in many languages. 

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