How To Make ₦200,000+ Monthly Online As A LensGold Agent

How To Make ₦200,000+ Monthly Online As A LensGold Agent

No thanks to the Covid-19 global curfew, we have been made to face a different form of life, understanding what it is like not having to leave your doorsteps.

At least, except you're going to get your toiletries, edibles or possibly making a health related movement, leaving the house would be totally not worth it.

Even banks were closed, and various supermarkets, malls, religious organizations, schools and government/non-government owned agencies were not in service.
Who saved the day?

We were communicating with each other, spending the days on Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and what have you.
How were you able to benefit from the gold rush, or you let it slide by? 

You can be raking in ₦150,000+ monthly reselling data, airtime, paying cable TV subscriptions and even electricity bills on LensGold.

What Is LensGold.ng About And How Does It Work?

LensGold.ng is a top airtime, data, cable TV and electricity bills payment platform.
They sell these things at wholesale rates, and you resell to your customers at amazing rates and make good profit.

Their plans for mobile data include;

How To Make ₦200,000+ Monthly As A LensGold Agent

They also have an option for website owners to integrate their API on their websites FREE and begin to receive payments.

How To Join LensGold.ng

To join LensGold.ng, all you need to do is;
- Visit their official website - LensGold
- At the top of the homepage you'll see the SIGN UP button or visit this link.
- Fill in the details as applicable and that's all!

Congratulations! You can start earning immediately.
You can drop us your comment or contact the support if you encounter any issues!

Payment of DsTV, GoTv and Startimes subscriptions are extremely affordable and easy, as well as making electricity bills payments.

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