How to Start A Private Blog Network (PBN) in Africa with Multiple IP Hosting from SeekaHost

How to Start A Private Blog Network (PBN) in Africa with Multiple IP Hosting from SeekaHost

Private Blog Network (PBN) is the in-thing for SEO experts who are looking to rank a money site without having to break the bank, and also, the advantage of PBN in ranking a money site is that the link building can easily be controlled as all the links are within your managed websites.
As more and more people in Africa are asking about PBN building and how it can be used to scale the search engine performance of their main website; we thought it wise to bring to you the much-needed guide on how to start a private blog in Africa with Multiple IP Hosting from SeekaHost Blog Hosting Control Panel

In this extensive guide, you will learn how to build a private blog network that you can use for SEO link building and earn money through the offering of guest posting services. The PBN will become a virtual passive income generator for you for many years to come, with a network of blogs running, and generating income daily.

But let us delve deeper into what PBN hosting is all about and What to look out for when buying PBN hosting service.

PBN Hosting — Why You Need Unique Multiple IP for PBN hosting service

How to Start A Private Blog Network (PBN) in Africa with Multiple IP Hosting from SeekaHost

Building a PBN is a highly complex technique, as the PBN hosting does not need to leave any footprints because search engines would use it to track the private blogs owner and use it as a negative signal to derank your money site on the search engine results page.
Therefore, it is recommended that you should use a web hosting service, like SeekaHost that understands the techniques for building successful PBN and if you're building a PBN of let's say 5 blogs then it’ll be easier to make it unique, but with hundreds of blogs, it will get even more complicated.
The factors that make PBN hosting unique include having multiple unique IPs and the use of C Class IP hosting that helps your private blogs to act as being uniquely owned or belonging to different people, which in turn makes the PBN to escape search engine penalties. 
As the leading PBN hosting service and one of the pioneers in the SEO industry, SeekaHost uses multiple IP hosting in all their PBN hosting solutions.

What Exactly Do You Need to Build a Successful PBN?

Building private blogs are not just for SEOs, you can also build them to earn money from publishing guest posts from people who are looking for backlinks. In this section, you will learn exactly everything you need to build a successful PBN.

Use of Expired Domains: Like every website creation, PBN building begins with Domain name registration. However, you can’t register PBN domains as you do other websites, you need to use different providers or make the registrant details private on all your domains which is available with SeekaHost to help you avoid footprints. And most importantly, expired domains are best for PBN, as these domains already have authority and are easily ranked on search engines.
Multiple IP Hosting: Having multiple unique IP is mandatory for PBN and using unique nameservers, so also the domains should be registered with different accounts or valid registrant information to show it as a distinct and real business domain.
Web Design and Hosting: After hosting, the final part of the PBN Setup is the design. It is very crucial to show uniqueness in the web designing and development. You should make use of different themes and plugin combinations altogether. And, show some level of variation in contents and website policy pages.

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If you diligently perform the above suggestions in building your PBN, it will give it a powerful SEO boost to benefit your money site and increase performance and traffic.

Why Should you Choose SeekaHost for PBN Hosting?

How to Start A Private Blog Network (PBN) in Africa with Multiple IP Hosting from SeekaHost

SeekaHost is the leading PBN hosting provider that is trusted and used by over 20,000 private blog network hosting services customers from all over the world.

And for over 5 years now, SeekaHost has been testing the best unique multiple Class IPs for PBN hosting requirements, which therefore, places them at a vantage position to provide the best PBN hosting services. If you are looking to build a successful PBN in Africa, SeekaHost has all the resources to help you in building your PBN, as the leading PBN hosting provider.

In conclusion, using unique multiple IP addresses for PBN hosting helps to keep each blog on your private blog network from being tracked, a unique IP address also makes loading up the website fast. It is equally good to diversify your backlink profile to give Google signals to pick links from each private blog and pass on the SEO power to the linking websites which you want to rank higher on Google.

Check out the below Infographic for the breakdown of all the points!
How to Start A Private Blog Network (PBN) in Africa with Multiple IP Hosting from SeekaHost

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