Technology Enabled Tools and How They Affect Your Team

Technology Enabled Tools and How They Affect Your Team

Technology is responsible for changing all aspects of the way a business is run these days. It has improved the ways used by various teams for communication and has also taken team collaboration to another level as it is now possible to collaborate with your team across space and time. As a matter of fact, it is possible to use the technology of today for changing the way the employees work. Let's see how technology can be used to improve team collaboration in a business.

Leveraging online communication software 

When you are looking to improve your team collaboration, one of the better ways of achieving it is by using online communication tools such as Skype and Slack. One of the features offered by these tools is that they allow several users to keep connected and work together on various projects at any location by using almost any connected device available. These tools can remove the possible friction from the process of sharing information and files between the team members. Large files can be transferred by using the file-sharing software and you can make sure that your team members are using up-to-date copies of the files. The file-sharing software can also improve your online workspace by clearing the email inbox of team members.

Using project management software

The project management software provides a terrific overall platform for enabling the team members to keep an eye on the progress of a project. Instead of creating confusion about where the required info is stored and what remains to be completed the project management tool will provide your team with a full overview of the status and enable them to coordinate all the activities taking place inside the project. You can find a number of good project management software alternatives on the web that will be beneficial to your business.

Video conferencing

When your teams are not located at the same venue or if they are struggling to conduct face-to-face meetings you can get a low-cost solution called video conferencing for this purpose. These video conferences and Annual kick-off meetings will improve the communication among your team by ensuring that different messages are shared, space is provided for creative discussion, and barriers created by some written communication are removed along with the need to travel long-distance for the meeting.

Using the Cloud for team management

Managing the business by using the Cloud is a terrific way of facilitating agile and flexible working conditions. Sometimes, you have team members that are working at different locations, or if they are constantly on the move then, the cloud can improve the accessibility to the team files and their updates in the project management software. You can reduce the delays in the project execution by providing your team up-to-date and continuous information and avoid the frustration regarding the access to the files for certain team members that are not based in the office.

Integrating business applications

Another good way for improving team collaboration is through the integration of business applications. For instance, when you have the standalone ERP or CRM systems, you can integrate them both by using one of the data integration apps available online. After this integration, you will be able to see the CRM data in the ERP system and vice versa. The tools available online for this purpose can keep you and your team members up-to-date about the changes made to the files in the CRM or ERP systems. Always zip files before sending them across as it reduced the file size. It is helpful for keeping all members of the team on the same page. It is also beneficial for smooth workplace collaboration and the creation of a positive daily experience for the team.


Using the technology-enabled tools ultimately offers several benefits to the teams as you can find many such tools on the web as assistance for the staff. These tools allow your team to get better connected, develop better visibility of the progress of the project, and make sure that collaboration and communication are the top priority. These points mentioned above are great starting positions to make your team work better. There are many more ways to use the technology-enabled tools and you need to test the tools to find the most suitable one for your business.

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