6 Reasons Why You Should Convert Word Files To PDF

6 Reasons Why You Should Convert Word Files To PDF

Word processing software such as Microsoft has become one of the most useful tools since the digital age arises. Not only will it help you jot down some of your ideas, but it’s also one of the best tools to use when it comes to documenting important information. Most companies and schools use MS Word as an integral part of their day-to-day activities, from creating simple memorandum, up to drafting confidential paper works such as contracts and business reports.

While it is a reliable platform to encode information, it’s also vulnerable to changes as it is a file format that you can easily edit. To make sure that documents are properly managed, some people prefer their MS Word convert to PDF

Why should you convert MS Word to PDF?

PDF is an image-finish of a document or file format that is used by many professionals. In this article, we will discuss why it is beneficial to convert your MS Word documents to PDF. And how it can help your document management. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1) It preserves the integrity of your content.

As mentioned above, you can edit MS Word since that is its main feature. If you are going to share your document with other users, we suggest that you convert it first for PDF to avoid editing. Once you convert your Word to PDF, it will become a final copy, and it cannot easily be edited.

Through this, you can keep the integrity of your document. You wouldn’t need to worry if there will be any changes in your file, in case other people need to access it. With PDF, you can be sure that your documents are credible and reliable.

2) It keeps your formatting permanent.

Since it will be like a permanent copy, you would not need to worry about the format of the file. One of the best features of MS Word is that you can create a beautiful layout of your document. Using different fonts and colours, you can make your usual Word file look like a magazine.

Unfortunately, saving your document as an MS Word file does not guarantee that the receiver of the file will see it the same way that you do. Simply because MS Word comes in different versions, which shows different layouts of the document. Furthermore, some fonts are only available on some computers. So, if you are using a unique font, there’s a high chance that other people may not have it on their computers, and it will just set on the default font of their device. Hence, the layout will be different.

3) You can access it through mobile devices.

There’s an MS Word app for mobile devices. However, it’s not a built-in application, and you need to install it before you use it. With PDF, you can easily read and access your document using any mobile device. PDF readers are one of the default applications that are on smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, PDF is shown as an e-book on mobile devices. It makes it easier for the recipient to review your document without accidentally deleting or editing its content. Browsing through a PDF document is pretty much the same as swiping through a social media newsfeed.

4) It is secured with a password.

Since MS Word is used in many business transactions, there’s a high chance that it contains confidential information. To make sure that only authorized persons will have access to your document, you should convert it to PDF. 

Using the security protection feature of PDF, you can encrypt your documents with a password. In that way, once a person opens a PDF file, they will be prompted to input the password before it loads the documents. It’s the best way to protect your file from hackers and other unauthorized users.

5) It has a universal format or version.

As mentioned above, you wouldn’t need to worry about different software versions. PDF is known to be a universal file that doesn’t have multiple software updates. Unlike in MS Word, where a series of updates have been released, which causes incompatibility for some documents, PDF word only has one. If you have a PDF document from decades ago, you can still access it on the latest PDF reader version without updating it at all.

6) It looks more professional and presentable.

If you are presenting a contract to your clients, as much as possible, you want it to look professional and presentable. These attributes are attainable when using a PDF file. Instead of sending an MS Word file that looks like a raw document, use a file format that speaks professionalism.

Converting a Word document to PDF is basically like printing it. But instead of putting it on actual paper, you are creating a digital copy.

Use PDFBear to convert your Word documents to PDF?

When converting an MS Word file to PDF, trust a reliable online PDF converter such as PDFBear. With this platform, you can easily convert all types of documents to PDF with all devices, including smartphones and tablets. You don’t need to install anything on your computer. You can conveniently create a PDF copy of your file in as fast as 2 minutes. It is guaranteed safe and protected from any malicious activities as it is bounded by their Privacy Policy.

Visit PDFBear’s website to know more about the different features that they offer.

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