GoGoPDF: Reduce PDF Size Instantly Using This Online Tool

GoGoPDF: Reduce PDF Size Instantly Using This Online Tool

The main reason why people will compress their PDF files; is to reduce their size. If you want to save more space on your device, compressing a PDF file is a very helpful option to consider. If you work on a huge size of files, it will make your device bug or encounter some errors.

Of course, you don't want that to happen on your device. With the help of the GoGoPDF tool, it makes our life easier and worry-free. You can now compress files and save more space instantly without any subscription fees required. With the quick and easy instructions provided, you can now convert PDFs easily.

Compressing A PDF File

Compressing PDF files is a big help to those who are working with a lot of PDF documents. You can already imagine the hassle it brings when you have to wait for hours to send an email with huge file size and end up unsuccessful. Compress PDF file perfectly and seamlessly using the GoGoPDF app.

Using GoGoPDF online tool, you can now reduce the files' size instantly by simply selecting the PDF document you wish to compress. You may select it directly from your Google Drive or Dropbox. Other than that, you have an option to drag and drop to compress the PDF file directly to the GoGoPDFs site; you will see a box there and click the button.

Step By Step Compression Process

GoGoPDF will provide you with easy and reliable instructions to have a successful compression procedure. Below are the quick and understandable step by step processes on how to reduce the file size of your PDF documents.
Step 1. Choose or select the files from your desktop or computer, and you may also opt to drag and drop the file to the box provided.
Step 2. GogoPDF online tool will instantly process and compress your PDF document.
Step 3. Just wait for the compression process to complete. It will only take a few minutes to finish.
Step 4. If it is already completed, you may download the file directly from your computer, or you can have it shared to your social media account.

Quick Resizing Process

This tool is best for those who are always in a rush and have many tasks to do daily. It is a burden to wait for hours to resize the file size of a certain document. It will decrease productivity and cause delays to submissions of reports, projects, and other related important document requirements.

It will only take a few minutes to resize the file size of your uploaded PDF document. It will reduce the file size up to 144dpi and thus, making it very convenient to upload or send you files through email without worries. Enjoy uploading or publishing your PDF files quickly, and thanks to this brilliant tool.
Compatible In Any Platform Browser
This online tool will ease your worries with compatibility issues, which is, most of the time, the common problem in any online application. You will always have it in mind if this will work properly in the device or software you currently have.

Have your stress and worries away; GoGoPDF is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. These three are the major operating systems available and mostly used by people. But, if you're also using a different OS, that's not a problem with this online tool.

Also, you can access GoGoPDF smoothly in various browsers. You can freely use this app by browsing through popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and many more.

User's Privacy Policy

Data breaches are one of the most common problems nowadays, and tracking malware and hackers is also a big challenge. Data Privacy policy is a big challenge that we all face, not just using this online tool but also dealing with our personal lives. With the continued advancement in the digital world, privacy is already a tricky thing.

GoGoPDF assures you that you do not have to worry about these concerns because all the data you uploaded through their website are protected. How do they protect your data? By erasing your information and documents uploaded through their website after an hour.

Reliable Results

Yes, GoGoPDF will instantly resize your file, but the big question here is that it will retain its resolution and not distort any data. The excellent feature of GogoPDF is that it will retain the layout, format, style, or the uploaded document even after the compression process.

Isn't it a good thing? Surely it is! That's one of the biggest questions users ask regarding the quality after successfully compressing the file. Ease your worry and relax because GoGoPDF offers the best quality outputs for your PDF files.

Cloud Generated Site

You can freely access GoGoPDF anytime, anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet. You don't need to install the app or register just like other online tools available on the market. GoGoPDF is saved in the Cloud; you can fully access and use this app anytime and anywhere.


Keeping the safety of our PDF files is one of the utmost priorities of every user. Thus, choosing an online tool to compress, convert, and merge your documents is a tough decision to make. With GoGoPDF, it is reliable to provide security, efficiency, and quality results in your PDF documents needs.
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