Comfort Height VS Standard Toilet - Which Should You Go For?

Comfort Height VS Standard Toilet - Which Should You Go For?

One of the elements that influence your posture in toilet usage is the height of your toilet.

There are different types of toilet height available in the market. There is comfort height, standard height, ADA height, universal height and regular height. All these varieties are made for people of different heights and for different purposes. 

In this article, you will learn about standard and comfort height toilets and the differences between them. This will help you make the right choice when you’re looking for a toilet to buy. You can compare the pros and cons given in this writing piece and decide which one of these matches your bathroom needs.

Comfort height toilets 

Comfort height is the height that meets ADA standards. These toilets are a new generation of toilets that are designed for the comfort of the users. These toilets are 17-19 inches in height from floor to seat. This is similar to the height of a chair.

These toilets are found in the market with different names such as: ADA height, comfortable height, universal height, and right height. These different names are actually made and used by different brands for marketing purposes.

The American standard uses the name ‘right height’ and makes sure that all public spaces in the US install the comfort height toilet.


a) Ideal height

Comfort height toilets have the perfect height for all elderly and adults. It provides a comfortable bathroom experience as there is more space for resting legs for most adults. It is also comfortable for disabled people.

b) ADA compliant

Comfort height toilets are the best choice for you if you’re looking for an ADA compliant toilet for personal or business use.


a) Adult-friendly only

Comfort height toilets are only good for adults only. These toilets aren’t ideal for children and shorter adults. Anyone but a tall adult will have their feet hanging while sitting on the toilet seat of a comfort height toilet. This can lead to loss of blood circulation in the legs. 

b) Increased possibility of constipation

Another disadvantage is that comfort height toilets can increase the chances of constipation in adults.

Standard toilets

These toilets used to be the usual height for toilets since the invention of modern flushing toilets. It has been used since the 19th century. Standard height toilets are about 14-15 inches tall with the toilet seat. They are more comfortable for children and adults with below average height.


a) Health benefits

Standard toilets also come with several health benefits. It allows your hips to be positioned at a lower height compared to your knees. This is a more effective pose for efficient bowel movements. Also due to the lack of height, it doesn’t affect the blood circulation in your legs.

b) Ideal for all users

The standard height toilets are ideal for kids and short adults.


a) Low height

As they are shorter, it is harder to stand up from the toilet seat of a standard toilet. They are also uncomfortable for tall individuals and disabled people.

b) Price 

Standard height toilets are more costly than the comfort height toilets.

Which type is better for you? 

Your choice of toilet height completely depends on your preferences. Both comfort height and standard toilets are suited for different situations. If your family has more elderly and adult people or if you need to buy a toilet for ADA users, then the choice is obvious between the two. You should go for the comfort height toilet.

Alternatively, if the members of your family are short in height or if you have children in the family, the standard height toilet is the right one for you. 

If you’re buying a unit for a place other than your home, for instance your business or workplace, get the comfort height type as the elderly and physically disabled people will find it very useful. 

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We hope you’ll have a pleasant restroom experience from now on. 

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