Tourist’s Guide To The Best Luxury Casinos In Africa

Tourist's guide to the best luxury casinos in Africa

Africa is gaining more and more traction as a global tourist destination. Like Asia, it is establishing itself as a major player in the continental casino industry, on par with any of the casino brand names infamous in Europe and North America. 

In Asia, the online gambling industry is what’s catching the industry’s eye, with online casinos such as dada99 becoming popular even among international players.
In Africa, one of their biggest claims to fame is the unique beauty of their luxurious casino resorts. Whether or not you’re in an African country to gamble, many of these establishments are worth checking out for their beauty alone. However, if you are there to have a wild night at the tables or slot machines, then check out any of these luxury casino resorts.

• The Palace of the Lost City Resort and Casino (South Africa)

This casino looks every bit like a palace, with momentous and grand architecture, five star service, a number of amenities, detailed decor, and much more.
The beautiful Palace of the Lost City is surrounded by greenery and beautiful scenery. The interior of the casino resort is also stunning, and aside from the casino facilities, other leisure amenities such as swimming pools, restaurants, and bars are scattered throughout the wide and spacious grounds.

• Cascades Hotel (South Africa)

The casino in Cascades Hotel matches the rest of the beautiful five star setting. The large rooms have everything your heart could possibly desire, and are adorned with breathtaking as well as extremely comfortable furniture. The Cascades Hotel cares for stunning, vibrant gardens that guests can take leisurely strolls through; they even have waterfalls within their grounds, which is why the hotel is called ‘Cascades.’

• Sun City Hotel (South Africa)

The extremely stylish and posh Sun City Hotel is a four star hotel that has every entertainment facility you could possibly think of, from a grand and wild casino to an in-house theatre. Their casino has over a hundred slot titles, and more than forty tables for roulette, blackjack, and more. 

Their wide selection of rooms caters to guests of all kinds, from luxury rooms all the way to presidential suites. They also have two golf courses, a safari and water park, and excellent fine dining establishments.
If you’re in town looking for plenty of activity, then the Sun City hotel has everything you could possibly want for an exciting, luxurious stay in South Africa.

• Grand West Casino (South Africa)

Located in Cape Town, the hotspot for business and leisure in South Africa, the Grand West is the largest casino in the country. The picturesque and iconic Table Mountain sits beautifully in the background, while the magnificent Atlantic Ocean can be seen from the other end. 

The building is built from recreated historical architecture, giving the facade a unique local touch. The casino itself has over 2,500 smart card slot machines, as well as over 80 table games.

• Omar Khayyam Casino (Egypt)

This casino can be found in the Cairo Marriot, located in downtown Zamalek. It spans six acres of palace grounds, including stunning gardens, and provides a stunning view of the legendary Nile river. What this casino lacks in size it makes up for with style and quality. It has more than 17 gaming tables and 40 gaming machines. It is highly exclusive and open only to foreigners.

• Mazagan Casino (Morocco)

While Casablanca is the most popular city to visit in Morocco, the largest casino is actually located in Mazagan, which is a hundred kilometers south of Casablanca.
You can book a suite at the Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort to dedicate a lot of time playing at the Mazagan Casino, which is one of the most stunning casinos in North Africa. 

The decor and architecture draws inspiration from vibrant Moroccan colors, patterns, and traditional styles while adding a classy modern touch. The casino gaming area is 3,000 square meters wide, and is home to more than 450 slot machines and 37 game tables.

• Club Liberté Casino (Seychelle)

The peaceful and exclusive Seychelles is home to a number of stunning islands. Mahe is the largest in the archipelago, and is also where you can find a number of casino resorts. One of the best among these is the Club Liberte Casino.
Its gaming room is tasteful and luxurious, with five tables and a private room that can be booked for more exclusive gaming groups. There are also 31 slot machines to choose from.

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