Choosing the Best Pain Relief Cream

Though most people neglect their shoulder, especially when young, shoulder pain can make it difficult to lead a normal life.

There are many reasons why a person will have shoulder pain. Individuals who are using the keyboard and mouse for many hours are experiencing shoulder pain. Carrying heavy bags for a long time on the shoulder can also cause chronic shoulder pain. Injuries due to sports or other reasons can also cause pain. Hence a person who is suffering from shoulder pain would like to find out the best shoulder pain relief cream available for them. Some tips for finding a suitable cream for alleviating shoulder pain are discussed below.
Choosing the Best Pain Relief Cream


The main criteria for choosing the pain-relief cream is how effective the cream is in reducing the pain of the person using it. Most people are using the cream mainly because they are in great pain, which makes it difficult to do any other work or lead a normal life. Hence they want a cream which will reduce the pain immediately. Depending on the type of cream used and cause of pain, the time taken to reduce the pain will differ. The best cream will be quickly absorbed through the skin, and act on the affected area in a few minutes. The better cream will also give pain relief for a longer period of time.


One of the considerations while choosing the shoulder pain is the composition of the pain relief cream. Ideally the cream should contact analgesics, which are pain relieving drugs. It is better to use natural analgesics like camphor, menthol and capsicum extract since there will be few side effects compared to other synthetic drugs. The other ingredients in the cream should make it easy to use and last for long even after the packaging is opened. The cream should be semi-solid so that it is easier applied on the affected shoulder area, and the active ingredients are quickly absorbed through the skin.

Other features.

Many people are using the cream when they are in the office or workplace for relieving their pain. They do not want a cream which has a strong smell, which will disrupt the workplace. Also the shoulder is usually covered with clothes, and it is better to purchase a cream which will not stain the clothes. The cream should not contain any ingredients which can damage the skin or cause allergies. Ideally the cream should be applied only three or four times a day to give pain relief, since most people are not able to disrupt their routine repeatedly to apply the cream.

Choosing the Best Pain Relief Cream


The cream should not be applied on wounds, irritated or damaged skin, since it will worsen the problem. It should also not be covered with a bandage, wrap or heating pad, since some of the active ingredients in the cream will adhere to the covering material. Users should be aware that the creams will only provide temporary pain relief, till the injury or other problem causing pain will heal. If the shoulder pain does not reduce after one week, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

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