How To Change Facebook Profile Picture Without Notifying Everyone

How To Change Facebook Profile Picture Without Notifying Everyone

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. People like to share the happenings in their life on the platform and also love to know about what others are doing in their life. But sometimes we expect people to like what we share, and it is this expectation that makes us feel hurt when not many people respond to our posts. Updating the Facebook profile picture is one such task that you can do without notifying everyone. It is not something that everyone needs to know and not all like to see their feed filled with such notifications. Therefore, you must know how to change your Facebook profile picture without notifying everyone. 

Change Facebook Profile Without Notifying Everyone

Many people like to frequently change their profile picture even sometimes in a day. This might be annoying for some when a notification pops up in their feed. Therefore, if you wish to change your Facebook profile picture without notifying everyone, then you must do it discreetly. The steps for the process are really simple and require a very little amount of time. So be sure to keep up! All you need to do is change your profile picture first. Let’s see how you can do that.

Step 1: At first, you must log in to your Facebook account. You can do this in two ways either on your browser on your PC/laptop or the application on your phone.

Step 2: Navigate to your Facebook profile page and tap on the ‘Edit’ option on your profile picture. 

Step 3: Then click on ‘Select Profile Picture’. As soon as you do this the camera roll will open up, select the image that you want to set as your profile picture or click a new one. 

Step 4: If you intend to use an image of yours from your FB timeline, click on the option of 'Photos of You' on the profile page. Then upload the image.

Step 5: Once you have selected your image either from the camera roll or from the timeline, click on the Save button that appears. 

This will cause the new image to appear as your profile picture. When the profile picture is changed, an automatic notification will be issued on the feeds and timelines of your friends. The next steps will allow you to keep the notification from popping up in their feeds and timelines. Carefully read and follow the next few steps as they are really important.

Step 6: Once your Facebook profile picture is changed, to prevent the notification from being sent to everyone you need to click on the 'Edit Privacy' option. This option will appear on the notification on your feed. Click on the three horizontal dots on the top-right corner of the post notification and select the 'Edit Privacy’ option. 

Step 7: After you have selected the ‘Edit Privacy’ option, drop down to the 'Only Me' option. This will prevent the post notification from appearing on your friends' and followers' feeds. 

Step 8: There is another way to do this. Once you change your profile picture on Facebook, a post notification will appear on your feed. Click on this and you will see what your privacy setting is just below your name. It may appear as ‘Public’ in most cases. Click on the ‘Public’ option.

Step 9: Then you need to find the ‘Only Me’ option in the list and tap on it. Once you do this, the notification regarding the change in your Facebook profile picture won’t appear anywhere else but your feed and timeline.

At the point when you upload another profile picture on Facebook, post your profile picture as a public post, and everybody can see it. To change your profile picture on Facebook without knowing others, you should follow the steps explained above; this will assist you with changing your profile picture without informing others. 

Kindly note, you can likewise change the Cover photo discreetly utilizing a similar method. Also, if you have a page with huge interactions or where individuals begin liking and commenting inside the space of seconds in the wake of uploading an image, this method probably won't be extremely successful. It would be if you can change the privacy settings within seconds without investing a lot of energy.

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