Star Colt Hawwaam Switching From SA To UK

Star Colt Hawwaam Switching From SA To UK

Anton Markus ridden South African star colt known also as Hawwaam will be set to travel to the UK, after numerous months Mike De Kock tried to re-route the racehorse to Australia, with plans of making a satellite training program there. The Star Colt is held by Hamdan Al Maktoum and was planned to be among the first to join Cranbourne stable that Kock, a famous multiple SA champion, tried opening with his son, Matthew Kock.

Horse Quarantine

The quarantine for the horse should start two weeks after his last race in the Republic which is to be in February first in the Sun Met, bidding his fourth G1 as well as achieving eight wins out of ten starts.

The decision was made after Kock learned that Australia requires all horses from the South African Republic needing to pass time in the United Kingdom. Kock stated on his own website that the former sixty days have turned into a hundred and eighty without an apparent reason or public justification. In addition to spending 180 days in the UK, Hawwaam would also need to spend additional three months in Mauritius.

Past South African Switches

This is the first time in more than three years that a South African made a switch to the UK, with the last time this happening was with Gavin Lerena back in 2017, who started his British career riding Mudajaj owned by Charlie Hill. Although one is a jockey and the other a horse, in the world of horse racing they are both South Africans representing their home country!

Not Racing in Cheltenham

Ideally, one of the Cheltenham races would have been a great way to showcase the South African born and bred horse - an event South African horse racing aspires to match. However, time restrictions and the style of race at Cheltenham mean that Hawwaam is likely going to begin training and start in pole racing while gaining UK time under the horse’s belt. 

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Australian Regulations Forced the UK Option

The new protocol by Australian authorities came as a surprise for Kock and the team, complaining that it hurt the contingency plans as well as the plan that required him to set up training down south, making the transfer last for stunning nine months, setting back all their plans.

UK Training Now Imminent

Needless to say, the training will be kept on in the UK as well as in Mauritius, but what the equine fans would really want to know is that the star colt will be participating in at least one race during this time, enriching the British scene. The final decision on going further after his 180 day period stays with Hamdan, which may as well turn out to be for the horse to stay in the UK.

But that might just mean the end of the four-year-old and the well-known-champion’s friendship, as Kock stated that he won’t be following the horse on his progress if it comes to stay and continue racing in England.

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