Top 6 Free Games on Steam

Top 6 Free Games on Steam

Gaming is getting more expensive each year. Users have to buy games and lots of tools to enjoy this process. Yet, it is possible to spend less money. In this case, you can get a 20Bet promotions or select one of the free games on Steam. Here are the most popular of them.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a classic online shooter released in 2007 and still attracting attention from a huge fanbase. There are several reasons for that: bright addictive battles, different classes of heroes, a lot of humor, flexible map editor and cute cartoonish graphics.The system requirements are minimal. That's why Team Fortress 2 can run even on low-powered PCs. 


Warframe is often called a clone of Destiny. Yet, the developers don't deny anything and continue to make the highest quality free-to-play game. It's not inferior, and in many ways superior to the competitor. 

Warframe has a huge and unique world. It doesn't require much money to play, and you can make good progress on your own. Of course, this game also has shortcomings. For example, the system requirements and a lot of details that no one explains to the newcomers. But positive sides are much more. So, Warframe is one of the best shooters of nowadays. 

Crusader Kings 2

Among the top free-to-play games on Steam is Crusader Kings 2, a strategy game that is quite difficult to play and to learn. Paradox Interactive studio is responsible for its development. They are the developers of many other strategies, including the Europa Universalis series and Hearts of Iron. Crusader Kings 2 will plunge into the difficult political situation of the Middle Ages, and you can make history on your own way. Judging by the rave reviews and the large fan community, gamers love this game. 


Released in 2014, Smite has already managed to climb into the top of the best games in Stream. It's not a classic third-person game. Despite its unusual presentation and much experimentation with modes, Smite has not only gained popularity around the world but is also quoted as a cyber sports discipline. 


The gameplay of the free-to-play game Battlerite is based on the MOBA genre, but they added action to it and made narrowly focused battles in arenas with a view from above. 

Battlerite is similar to Bloodline Champions in many ways. These games have the same creators. Yet, in the new project, the developers slightly revised the mechanics and seriously worked on the bugs. That's why they nominated Battlerite in the top free-to-play games on Steam.


For their game, Trion Worlds studio decided to take the visual block style of Minecraft and mix it with MMO games. So, they developed Trove. It is almost the most massive free-to-play game in the world. Trove consists of the main game with classes, levels, dungeons and quests. Furthermore, it offers a handy world constructor where gamers are free to do whatever they want. That's why other popular games in different genres are waiting for you inside Trove. Most of Trove's audience is kids, but there are plenty of adults out there too.

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