3 Major Challenges That Upcoming Artistes Face In The Music Industry

3 Major Challenges That Upcoming Artistes Face In The Music Industry

Why You Haven't Blown Up Yet?

There Is More To It Than Having A Dope Song

Music is spiritual there’s is a sense of accomplishment when artistes create music, it's like giving life to a being, its an amazing feeling, and its also a beautiful thing when you can give people those same feeling as they listen as well.

But humans are often more difficult theses days and the attention span of humans keeps reducing by the day due to loads of entertainment much to switch from and expectations are high even if the listeners don’t know it themselves

People are quick to switch if things are too familiar or too different.

So its safe to say its not just about the song alone, your music maybe the best in the world but there’s more to it that just having great music

Here Are The Top 3 Reason Why You Haven't Blown Up And How To Solve Them

1. Consistency & lack of funding his two are paired together separate but are intertwined 

(What if I said you could consistently drop music have studio sessions, photoshoots and viral video content for almost FREE ??)

I know you hear this every time CONSISTENCY!!! CONSISTENCY!!!!, I know you think about how costly it's going to be having to carry out the actions of a Celebrity with its expenses alongside it.

I've got some good news for you. With Carlsview.com, you can get access to everything you need as an artiste, from your studio sessions to promotions to video sessions and even social media promotions. These they also do at a very affordable rate.

2. Networking wrongly

People always want to start networking from the top to the bottom using social media wrongly. Basically, people are more interested in vertical networking i.e. trying to connect with people at the top, they ignore their peers close by in the community, forgetting the smaller events, get-togethers, parties, and other events.

They rather try reaching out to people they know its hard to reach i.e. already established artist DJ/ promoters, forgetting that there are lowkey the local media power, staring right in front of you, instead you rather drop tweets and mentions them on the gram in hopes that they reply you in which the odds are literally one in millions not even one in a million, But hey!! you can try both, I only want you to be more observant not to miss out on the untapped recourses right in front of you 

It's advisable you change your mindset, this mindset also affects you when using the different social media platforms. Remember, social media is the number one way to network in this 21st century.

Still, in sync with looking at your environment and working with what you have around you, let's paint a picture, imagine if you had 300 followers and they all stay close or in the same vicinity that you are, would it be easier if you had people that are most likely going to turn up for you for inhouse/state or local event you may be involved in or even that of your own, people are most likely going to relate with you better if you come from the same environment or a similar environment elsewhere?

The question is where are your followers from, you have to be careful with people you engage, follow and people who follow you too, do you rather follow popular people only or hot models, or allow people that would actually be down to listen to what you have to offer if you don’t take note of this you are most likely going to have a page non-favourable to the Instagram, which is most likely going to render your page useless, you wonder why some people have loads of followers with close to no engagement.

Engage in pages that have a direct link to your city or town, I.E malls restaurants event centres clubs lounges bars, or creating an artist hub in your community when all artist meet to share ideas to create funds and do events, don’t wait for no one do it yourself there is an obvious strength in numbers

Who are you behind the music?

3. Lack of personality

Everyone obviously has a personality, but its a critical problem I see in most artist to show it, people most likely ignore this part, but it is more important from the start of your career till the end of it, have you ever wondered why or how you feel you know a particular celebrity even go as far as voguing for them in situations we know nothing about, its because they showed their personality from the start, down to interviews, short videos, skits down to their dressing even in their music i.e. singing about things in their community and what’s going on around them, things like this make you feel you know them when you actually don’t, in which all the noise and attention are converted into streams album sales and show sell out, its not a fluke you se celebrities always stunting trying to stay relevant, some artist even make more money from deals behind the music than actual music sales and its majorly due to the king of personally such artiest carry which relates to some brand sand that’s how deals are make or broken 

so post that video today, give your opinion about what’s happing in your vicinity your personal life make them your gist patters people like hearing stories, if you have ever stopped to watch a video and listen to a random person who you have never met before or even know that could be you talking to someone else, just make sure there’s always a call to action so as people follow you if they resonate with whatever you say or do

Its easier said than done, sometimes you need a team of people with like minds that shares your dreams, so as to give you inspiration and encouragement, the people at Carlsview.com  by king accommodate loads of artist around the world which everyone collaborates in making songs and prompting each other, imagine a place where people comment and repost each other’s work it sounds small but its a good feeling to know you have people around you with the similar views and perspectives as you, join the hub today.

This is a guest post from King David, Nigerian producer and founder of Carlsview.com.

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