5 Steps On How MR Reporting System Can Easily Manage Your Field Force

5 Steps On How MR Reporting System Can Easily Manage Your Field Force

New advancements in technology have been influencing each and every industry.  Out of these industries, the pharmaceutical industry is one such industry facing challenges due to digitization. However, pharma industries have now geared up to improve their field force management. Most pharmaceutical companies require MR reporting (Sales Force Automation) for managing and maintaining doctor records online. 

Field force automation enables gathering all the required information in one place and the whole process becomes easier to prioritize. In short, MR Reporting helps to record the relevant data and information at all stages. That's why many pharmaceutical companies are on the lookout for a mobile-based pharma SFA so that they can easily manage their work order and customer communication process without any stress.

MR Reporting has a variety of functional modules which are considered crucial for pharmaceutical companies. Here's a more detailed brief on how MR Reporting can easily manage and maintain your field force:

Daily Call Reporting: As the most common and core feature of the software, daily call reporting minimizes the paperwork drastically and helps to maintain daily visits of doctors and surveyors providing an extensive report via mobile check-in functionality. 

Daily Call Report (DCR) can be submitted anything & from anywhere. This is a fast and easy reporting feature of SFA that boosts productivity and makes management even more easier. 

Expense Management: It helps to let go of the cumbersome process of preparing and managing excel sheets. You can easily incorporate expense master policy in the panel and manage everything automatically. The feature helps to generate expenses every month automatically after the admin has reported master data like Standard Fare Chart, Distance Chart and Employee Fare code.

Doctor Management: Employee records of doctors including birthdays, work anniversaries and meetings can be managed by field representatives to maintain a healthy relationship with the prospectus. This feature manages doctor records easily enabling the employees, managers and admin to feed and delete new records.

Tour Program: Tour planning helps to route tour programs, schedule meetings, conferences & other major activities. It enables the admin to submit a company tour policy for all employees. Employees can submit an advance month tour program by web portal or mobile app even in offline mode also. It is an approval base module and the manager can approve the submitted tour program from his respective panel in Online MR Reporting Software.

Samples and Gift Management: This feature enables tracking of distribution and gift stocks by effectively managing them. The best thing is that it also manages the timely distribution of many gifts and samples. It helps the admin to submit stock and issue to employees as per company policy. While submitting DCR, the employee will feed gift distribution details doctor-wise quantity-wise.

MR reporting is a useful SFA software that can do wonders for pharmaceutical industries by helping them boost productivity, avoid redundancy and errors, manage and maintain all records. If you're still thinking of incorporating MR reporting for your company, then don't think more because it's high time you make use of such an effective and user-friendly software.

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