See How This 18-year-old Nigerian Is Changing Communities, One Action At A Time

Isaac Somto

Isaac Somto is an 18-year-old African serial entrepreneur, writer, brand identity and user interface designer who is the founder of Imaginact, a non-profit organization that takes and empowers actions for change.

Isaac is also the Editor-in-chief of Vocal Africa, a digital pan-African platform that promotes African stories by Africans.

The solutions Isaac Somto drives through Imaginact are numerous. This year 2021 alone, he has trained more than 200 teenagers for free on design skills through Imaginact’s SteamUp initiative and purpose-driven partnerships with brands like Tech Skills Hack, Teen World Empowerment and more. In March 2021, Artechubs, a leading STEM skills acquisition startup for young people in the South-eastern region of Nigeria launched a partnership initiative with Imaginact called “Act2getHer’. The initiative was launched to celebrate the international women’s day and to close the gap between men and women in the STEM workforce. The programs under the initiative are still running, and have seen the training of more than 180 young girls on STEM skills.

About Isaac Somto

Isaac Somto started his change-making journey after he completed his high school education in 2017, he founded WowFactor360 at the age of 15 and later sold it off and then went on to start Techcrest, a platform focused on Africa’s technology space and sold it off after reaching more than 100k people within months. As a designer, Somto has served hundreds of clients and a look at his online portfolio shows that he is good at what he does.

According to Isaac Somto, he always wanted to change the world but didn’t know how at a particular time. He said, “The zeal to drive change came early, but as I continued to work on the ideas I have, it became clearer what I wanted to do and how to do it”.

See How This 18-year-old Nigerian Is Changing Communities, One Action At A Time

Imaginact started in 2018 as a movement led by young African writers to grow the skills of other young African writers by holding mini-workshops, publishing their stories for free, giving them free PR and more. The organization was known as “The Isaac Somto Foundation” but as the dream and goals of the organization grew bigger, the name changed and the organization restructured.

Somto came up with the word “imaginact”, a portmanteau of “Imagine” and “Act”. “Imaginact as a word simply means: do more than imagine; take action. Imaginact was just me saying take action, but in a creative way”. Isaac Somto said with a smile on his face.

Imaginact has a couple of initiatives on the palm of its hand which it uses to drive change. One of such initiatives is Vocal Africa, a GenZ led Pan-African platform that promotes African stories by Africans. The platform turns African stories and experiences into digital and shareable content and in the process, attracts, engages and impacts a diverse and global audience, and instil in them a genuine curiosity regarding Africa; and satisfy it by informing and educating them on the various aspects of the African lifestyle, culture, literature, people and societal issues.

The platform is also where Imaginact hosts its Broach program which it uses to create consciousness about societal and political issues among African youths by sharing information and enabling conversations about the social issues. The initiative recently partnered with Forever Gratis, an African student-led advocacy organization to raise awareness about Nigeria’s unlawfully locked child prisoners and terrible juvenile centres issue. You can sign this petition to help them.

Isaac Somto has also been involved in a lot of campaigns for change in the African continent, including Learnblue, a climate change advocacy organization that raised awareness about climate issues in Africa and the world at large. The organization reached more than 3.7 million people. He was also involved in Cameroon’s Actions for Development and Empowerment’s program, EmpowerHer Africa.

In 2019, Isaac Somto was awarded the Vision Award at an international youth summit by Jamie Pajoel International, a leadership institute with a head office in Canada for his contribution towards enterprise development in Nigeria.

Isaac Somto talks about social issues and he has been quoted by various sites like Lists.ng, The conversation, Modern Ghana etc.

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