#EndSARS Alleged Withdrawal of ₦23m - Did FemCo Photoshop Statement To Avoid Backlash?

#EndSARS Alleged Withdrawal of ₦23m - FemCo Photoshop Defense To Avoid Backlash

The photos making rounds online suggest that the Feminist Coalition might have photoshopped their recent statement to evade backlash from Nigerians. The group, which was founded to promote equality for women in Nigerian society was very active during the October 2020 #EndSARS protest that rocked the Nigerian space. The protests called for the complete disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a notorious police unit with a history of brutality and abuse of power.

Recall that the Feminist Coalition has been accused of removing ₦23 million in bitcoin donated for the #EndSARS protest and moving it to another account. According to claims by some popular Twitter users, the 'Feminist co withdrew $51,000 worth of Bitcoin from their donation wallet on the 5th of this month silently'.

This was part of the hundreds of thousands of dollars the group raised via crowdfunding platforms to help protesters who took to the streets during the End SARS protests. While the protests lasted, the group supplied the protesters with vital facilities such as emergency medical treatment, gloves, raincoats and even legal assistance.

In the recent allegation, the group was accused of not being transparent about its spending before, during and after the protest.

The group in response, released some tweets, explaining how the money was spent:

If you check the photos above, you'll see that the group spent:
- ₦20m+ on #EndSARSresponse
- ₦15m+ on the legal aid network
- ₦40m+ on relief for victims of police brutality and families of the deceased
- ₦5m+ on the memorial for the fallen 
- ₦6m+ on #EndSARSMentalHealthSupport

Reading further, the groups also narrated how a transaction that they carried out between November 16th and December 1st was confirmed on March 5th because of the 'meagre Bitcoin network fees chosen'.

While transaction fees aren't static, what I don't understand is why and how a transaction will take up to 4 months to be confirmed. According to the ledger, the network fee was 0.00582426 ($347.77). This is not a small fee for BTC and should take minutes, or at least, a few hours if the network is clogged.

Bitcoin shows you the value exactly when you transacted, not what it is after confirmation. So as you see clearly Bitcoin was at $43,694.99 when the transaction was made but on November 16th, 2020, Bitcoin was $17,000. (NOTE: you can view the live page here >> https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/1fcdb5645f75850654784a818cc29cab4dd52dc87ba85f9905a65a9cf344a16a).

It wasn’t sold in November!

Now over to the screenshot:

Take a second to look at the photo below:

Did you notice anything? If no, try again, this time more carefully.
Oya, lemme help you.

Have you seen the red underline?
From what I'm understanding, the white background parts of the designs they dropped are meant to be the transaction screenshots. It appears like the screenshots were doctored, or is there a coin called 'NTC'?

Maybe someone will have to enlighten me more. Meanwhile, B is the closest to N in the 'QWERTY' keyboard, so someone might have done something in a haste.

Like they always say, we're all 'innocent until proven guilty'. Maybe we'll have to apply the theory here too until they provide a detailed explanation.
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