Intensive Tactics from Amazon SEO Firms That Can Help Your Business Grow

Intensive Tactics from Amazon SEO Firms That Can Help Your Business Grow

Did you know that the global unemployment rate rose to 5.4% in 2019? It’s been continuing to skyrocket, thanks to events like Covid-19. More and more people are affected by this pandemic the longer it lasts. With people losing their jobs by the day, many turn towards building their own businesses. Are you one of these people?

As businesses rise online, more shoppers feel the urge to spend--especially because online shopping is so convenient. You can find almost anything on the Amazon Marketplace, so setting your store apart will be tough. However, investing in the right Amazon SEO tactics provided by experts can help you grow your business and build your brand.

Along with the changes in the A10 algorithm, sellers need to keep up with the strategies. Social media backlinks don’t affect Amazon’s algorithm the way it affects Google’s. When customers search for a product on Amazon, the algorithm pulls and shows the relevant products from the listings they have. If you sell sports bags and your customers search for them, then through this algorithm Amazon shows more accurate products even if they may not be profitable.

Improve your Amazon SEO tactics

Intensive Tactics from Amazon SEO Firms That Can Help Your Business Grow

One of the notable ways of growing your business is by using a platform that allows you to reach more shoppers through advertising and creating different strategies such as email marketing, video marketing, and others. Below are some of the intensive tactics that major Amazon SEO firms use to successfully market brands and products.

Effective keyword research

Sellers rely heavily on keywords when selling on Amazon. Most conduct research to find the most effective keywords that relate to the product. By implementing keyword research, sooner or later your traffic will increase and boost your overall sales.

In 2019, a survey stated that around 49% of US shoppers go straight to Amazon when they want to shop. These shoppers completely bypass search engines like Google and conduct their own searches on the Marketplace directly.

Insert long-tail keywords to strengthen your sales

All business owners want to succeed in their chosen niche and boost their sales. However, some of the challenges include not knowing the right keywords to insert in product listings. The more long-tail keywords inserted in the listing, the higher the chances of gaining organic reach. An Amazon agency UK can help you with the choce of right keywords to use for your products.

Keep in mind that traffic gathered from these listings differ from the other listings with high-performing keywords. But don’t worry about that because the conversion rate is also higher. Hence, more people are likely to buy your products especially if you use more competitive keywords.

Utilize backend keywords

Backend keywords are hidden search words that you insert in product listings to help boost presence and reach. Some of these keywords used with the products may not exactly match their features or benefits. Moreover, some keywords are easily misspelled or are grammatically incorrect. These may be utilized as backend keywords instead.

To illustrate:

Your product is a “hand lotion”, which is what you’ll use in the title. As backend keywords, you can insert “hand moisturizer” as it’s synonymous with the primary keyword and related to the product.

Do remember that a limit of 249 characters is imposed. This includes punctuation marks and the spaces between words. Make sure that you maximize the character limit to insert as many keywords as possible.

Social media marketing

Intensive Tactics from Amazon SEO Firms That Can Help Your Business Grow

With everyone going digital, most people use their phones to connect with friends, family, and colleagues around the globe. The average person spends at least 2 hours and 22 minutes every single day on social media alone. When sellers utilize this opportunity, they can reap the benefits of social media and increase their sales and reach.

Follow these tips to secure success with marketing your business through social media.

Put details in your social profiles

Just like in other industries, branding in social media plays an important role. This is how customers remember the business and its identity. Putting in essential details such as the logo, information about the company, and even the history of the business attracts more shoppers to view the profile. It will also build your customers’ trust in your brand.

Regularly post and engage with customers

Creating content that showcases the product or even its backstory entices shoppers to know more about the brand and business itself.

Scheduling quality posts go a long way and are essential when running a social media marketing campaign. The key is to be consistent with your chosen schedule because posting once a month leaves a negative impression on shoppers. When shoppers see irregularly scheduled posts, they will get the impression that your business is inactive.

Consequently, flooding the page with five to seven posts per day affects your social profiles negatively as well as it reduces your chances to engage with the customers. Moreover, you risk annoying your shoppers and might drive them to a different page altogether.

Remember to make use of scheduling tools and create content for holidays, important events, and business announcements.

Utilize a sales funnel for conversion

Some sellers think that sending product listings outside of the target audience is a good idea. However, it can backfire too. Therefore, it’s best to narrow down your market to convert the most leads and refrain from asking people outside your target market as it can waste time and resources.

Do this by creating a sales funnel to filter and sift through everyone who visits your posts until you reach your intended market.

Intensive Tactics from Amazon SEO Firms That Can Help Your Business Grow
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For example:

Create a sales funnel that sifts through your audience of single ladies from ages 25 and 35 if the business sells shoes. The more specific the target market is, the higher the conversion rate will be.

So if you market pumps to single ladies from ages 25 to 35, then surely your conversion rate will be higher.

Invest in advertising

New sellers fear advertising because of the possible costs they can incur. Thinking about spending money on growing your audience at the start of your business journey seems far-fetched. Yet, with how competitive things are on Amazon, there are very few ways to increase visibility without the use of advertising. Below are some advertising venues you should explore as a new Amazon seller.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Pay-per-click ads are campaigns that will only charge sellers based on the number of clicks the ads get on Amazon. It also does not encompass organic visitors that click on the ads. It usually costs around $0.25 to $3, and the price changes depending on the keyword, niche, and the competition in the niche the product belongs to.

Amazon PPC is one of the quickest ways to increase the visibility of your business in the Marketplace.

Lightning deals

As a customer, how do you feel about limited-time offers? Do they excite you? If you say yes, know that you’re not alone! Another way to drive customers to your business is by creating lightning deals. Not only does it boost sales and increase brand awareness, but it can also bring in new shoppers who may not have been initially interested in the products you’re selling.

What do you need to create lightning deals?

• A 3-star overall rating on your business 

• Sales history

• Many product choices

• Products must be Prime-eligible

• New product collection

Remember that your lightning deals need to follow Amazon’s policies on customer product reviews and reference prices.

Lightning deal fees usually cost around $150, so make sure that the sales boost covers the fees incurred in order to profit.

What now?

Amazon SEO firms are very generous with their techniques, especially to aspiring sellers. These tips may seem daunting to implement, but take the leap of faith and the risks could pay off. 

Keep in mind that marketing techniques change quickly, especially as new technology pops up. With all this information in this article is provided by top SEO firms, sellers may choose to try to incorporate Experiential Marketing to reach even more shoppers. 

This form of marketing is also known as engagement marketing, and which aims to give a whole new experience to customers through increased interaction and information.interacting with them and informing them about the products and the brand itself. This will help your business grow by providing a better experience to your shoppers, which can increase their enthusiasm about purchasing your products. because more shoppers will feel enthusiastic about purchasing. Now, this is another tactic that Amazon SEO firms would approve of.

Are you ready to think ahead and take the next step to and grow your business?

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