Primevault Review: You MUST Read This Before Creating An Account (Plus A Free Gift)

Primevault Review

In this article, we'd be seeing my honest review of Primevault and all you need to know before joining the platform. Before we begin, for you to be on this page, I know you must have heard of the Primevault platform and you're probably coming to find out if it's legit. We'll be answering some of your questions in the few paragraphs below.

About Primevault

Primevault is an online investment platform that rewards users for performing daily tasks. From viewing YouTube videos to sharing posts and more, you have different ways of earning and your income depends on your investment.

Primevault packages:

- Silver plan: You'll invest ₦6,000 to make ₦366 (ROI is ₦11000)
- Classic plan: You'll invest ₦10,000 to make ₦566 (ROI is ₦17,000)
- Elite plan: You'll invest ₦20,000 to make ₦1,066 (ROI is ₦32,000)
- King plan: You'll invest ₦50,000 to make ₦2,500 (ROI is ₦75,000)
- Titan plan: You'll invest ₦150,000 to make ₦8,000 (ROI is ₦240,000)
NOTE: Each membership package run for a 30days duration, after which members have the option of renewing or upgrading their plans.

Apart from the daily tasks, you will also earn from Primevault when you refer your friends. Your affiliate commission depends on your plan; ₦1200 for silver, ₦2000 for classic, ₦3000 for elite, ₦5000 for king and ₦7000 for titan.

Another way of earning from this platform is by becoming an agent/distributor. You'll be earning ₦200 profit per sale. If you successfully sell 10 coupons in a day, you'll make ₦2000 and so on.

As a business owner, you have the opportunity of growing your brand by showing them to real users when you advertise with Primevault.

Who can join Prime Vault?

Politicians? Pastors? Bloggers? Teachers? Students? Traders? The list keeps on going. The platform is open for all and sundry. Good a thing, there are packages available for all income earners. 

If you can't afford to pay ₦150,000, you can begin with the ₦10,000 or even the ₦6,000 package. You'll still enjoy all the benefits that are available in the other plans.

Primevault.com.ng Review

Primevault is fully registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission(CAC), so I can say that they're legitimate. They also have a very efficient customer care that is always there to attend to your needs. You can send them a mail, message their customer care service or even fill the contact form on the official website for a fast response.

Do they have a physical office? Yes, Primevault office is located at No 11, Opposite St.Joseph Catholic Church Nyongun, Markudi, Benue State. You can stop by and say Hello if you stay around there.

NOTE: I want to advise you to always invest what you can afford to lose when dealing with platforms like this, while it's currently paying, no one can vouch for them. So far, I'm yet to hear any bad reports about the platform and would recommend it to anyone interested in making some extra income.

Another very important thing you need to know is that when buying coupon codes, endeavour to visit the official website. Avoid making payments to people on WhatsApp groups or Telegram channels claiming to be working for Primevault. If you don't see the name on the official website, s/he might be a scammer.

How to register on Primevault

Kindly follow the below steps to create an account on primevault:
• Get a coupon. You can visit the official website or contact me for a trusted dealer.
• Visit the official website. I have some good news for all our followers. If you join with my affiliate link, I'll give you our eBook, 'Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer' for free. It is available for sale at ₦4,000 and teaches all you need to know about earning as a freelance writer in Nigeria.
• Fill in your details; Name, phone number, email, password and coupon codes and you're good to go.
NOTE: Don't forget to share your post for the day as the time starts counting immediately.

How to withdraw on Primevault

The minimum withdrawal is ₦5,000. While you can withdraw your affiliate earnings anytime, you can only withdraw the activity earnings once in 30 days.

You'll get paid in less than 72 hours after making the request. Payment is made directly to your Nigerian account.

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