Best Places to Find Second Hand Mountain Bikes In Australia

Best Places to Find Second Hand Mountain Bikes In Australia

Mountain biking has gained extreme popularity over the last couple of years. It’s a great outdoor hobby that many Australians love to partake in. Unfortunately, if you aren’t a professional mountain biker and have a few sponsors, these bicycles can be quite expensive. For this reason, many Aussies are considering buying second-hand mountain bikes from reputable sellers. 

To help you purchase the right second-hand bike without falling prey to scammers and fraudsters, we’ve compiled a quick buyer’s guide with important things you have to consider. 

Different Types

If you aren’t too clued up on the types of bicycles out there, it’s important that you understand the main features of a mountain bike. These models are specifically designed for off-road cycling and therefore they are made much more durable and hardcore than on-road bicycles. Learn more about the different types of bicycles here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_bicycle_types

The key features of a mountain bike are:
- It has a front and rear brake
- It has a rear shock for the ultimate plush comfort
- They are harder to pedal
- Heavier than road bikes
- The seat is in an upright position
- Bulky, sturdy, and durable frame
- 26-inch wheels can take on potholes and sharp rocks
- Wide handlebars for the ultimate control

Within the mountain bike family there are a few different styles as well. These include Enduro models for all mountain trail riding, XC for Cross Country riding, DH for Downhill providing excellent brakes, and Trail. Depending on where you’d like to ride your bicycle, you will consider any one of the four types of mountain bicycles. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Second Hand

When you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a new model, you can consider buying second hand. But, be careful. Just like a car, many sellers can sell you a broken and expensive-to-fix used model. To avoid being scammed, here are a few important factors to consider: 

Paint and Rust

You’ll be riding your new bicycle in the rain and mud. To avoid any future problems with the body of the model, make sure that you have a close look at the paint job. Look out for any parts that are cracked or rusty. Mountain-lugs might be missing from the side panels too. 

When the mudguards are chrome, make sure that they aren’t rusting from the inside out. Small spots of rust can be easily fixed, but when it affects larger parts, the body is damaged and will need a lot more attention in the future. 

Tyres and Wheels

All rims and steel parts of the wheels should be rust and corrosion-free. Also consider any damaged rims and wheels, as well as loose spokes. An easy way to check whether the bike has been well looked after is by spinning the wheel on the spindle. When there is a loud screeching noise, this could indicate rusting and corrosion of the bearings. 

Check the tyres tread life. Just like with buying a car, wheels that are worn should be replaced. When the wheels don’t have a long tread life left, then you can ask the seller to lower the price. 

The wheels of a mountain bike are much more durable and heavier than that of an on-road bike. Making the change from on-road to off-road is quite the decision to make. If you are looking to get into mountain biking, then check out this beginner’s guide tutorial video on riding bicycles on dirt. 


Best Places to Find Second Hand Mountain Bikes In Australia

This is the front part of the bike that holds the front wheel. The most important thing about forks is that they shouldn’t be leaking. The forks shouldn’t be bent either, as this can indicate previous damage repair. Check whether there are any indications of gaiters, pitted stanchions, or split boots. 


Brake-pads are extremely important when purchasing a mountain bicycle. Since you’ll be using them when going downhill. Brake-pads can be worn out, but easily replaced. Check for cracks and brake-pad life to determine whether the asking price is fair. 


It has been reported that prices of second-hand models go up when biking is in season. So, if you want a better, discounted deal, buy during autumn or winter when not many people are riding outdoors. 

Aluminium or Carbon

Depending on your personal preference you can consider buying a second-hand carbon or aluminum frame. The fragile, lighter, and more expensive option is carbon fibre. However, it’s much lighter and easier to ride. 

Compared to the cheaper aluminum frame that is heavier and more durable. 

Additional Parts

In the same way as you would buy separate parts for your car, you can buy additional parts for your mountain bicycle. But because this is a very specialized design, separate parts don’t come cheap. When buying a second-hand model, you should consider all other parts of the bike and whether they should be replaced in near future. 

Additional parts you should look at are:
- Sprockets
- Chains
- Seat cover and seat base
- Hinges
- Rear suspension
- Electronics 

For more information on what to consider when buying a pre-owned model, look for a trustworthy second-hand mountain bike guide online. 

Personal Modifications

Many bike owners do enjoy modifying their bikes to their personal preferences. This might include adjusting the height and adding additional electronic features. When you do buy a modified version, you should consider whether they are fit for you. 

Licensing and Legal Sale

Be aware of people trying to sell stolen bicycles. Because mountain bikes are quite costly and come with limited warranties, first-time buyers should have a copy of proof of purchase. 

If you’d like, why not ask the seller if you could take the bike out for a spin on a nearby off-road. Riding it on a dirt road will give you a better idea of how it rides and whether it’s worth the purchase. 

Needless to say, it’s important to consider all of the above factors in order to make a good purchase.

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