Best Productivity Tools to Use in 2021

Best Productivity Tools to Use in 2021

Productivity is one word we hear a lot in the business world and it's a goal that the majority of people have in common and strive towards. It’s a very complicated mission that some find very easy to accomplish, while others need a helping hand in order to get there.
In this day and age when people have shifted schedules, it is not always easy to optimize the way in which each time period of the day is used. 

In order to deal with this problem, many companies have developed tools and applications that will help you manage your schedule and improve productivity.
In this article, we will show you different tools that will help you improve your productivity at work and in life.
Often people use more than one tool at a time which is perfectly fine. Most of these tools are free or very affordable, so it's easy to test them without having to make a long-term commitment. 


If you deal with a lot of PDF files on a regular basis then there is no better tool than this one.
Everyone knows how hard it is to edit a PDF file once created and all the hustle that goes with it. 

With EasyPDF, editing PDF files will be as easy as clicking a couple of buttons on your screen.
A child could do it! It can convert PDFs to the most popular file formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD making them editable again.

Besides that, EasyPDF allows you to create PDFs from various file formats along with features to compress, merge and split PDF files. The most popular could storage services are supported and the tool is extremely easy to use. EasyPDF is completely free to use, has no limitations nor ads, and is secure and anonymous. It will be a really good addition to your productivity tool arsenal. 


Evernote is a very popular note-taking app used both by professionals and individuals. It adapts to everyone’s needs making the tool very complete and intuitive. Notes are presented in the form of a page, within which you can insert all types of media such as pictures, links, boards, audio recording, etc… 

This is ideal for aggregating all of your information in one place. To find your way around, nothing could be simpler since you can sort your notes by media, dates, and so on. For those looking for a tool to use at work, Evernote would be a good choice since it can be used both individually and in teams.

Process Street

Process Street was developed to be the one-stop place for remote teams to manage code-free processes and workflows. In short, it offers some very powerful checklists that help your team manage recurring processes. Process Street is a valuable tool, and many companies use it every day to manage the internal processes of all departments.

It helps improve time management and automates workflows by easily prioritizing tasks and following clear, well-written processes.
This way you can make sure everything is done efficiently and in order. Using Process Street allows you to create custom process templates, assign team members to specific tasks, and track their progress from the dashboard.

You can also schedule recurring tasks at specific intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually), in order to receive reminders when they need to be repeated. The basic plan starts from $12.50 per user per month, but you can try the tool for free. 


Buffer is developed to save time managing your social media accounts, allowing you to schedule posts, track and analyze their performance, and manage multiple social media accounts from within a single app and interface. If your business struggles to keep up with social media or to provide a consistent presence then Buffer is the right tool for you. By using it you can create campaigns in advance and automate a lot of your social media activities with ease.

Buffer integrates well with Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. There is a free version of the tool for up to 3 social media accounts and 10 scheduled posts.
If you want more than that you will have to choose some of the paid plans that start from $ 15 / month. It is available as a Chrome extension as well as an app for Android and iOS.


The Toggl app is a time management tool whose main purpose is to calculate how long it takes you to accomplish each task.
Doing so will give you a better overview of how you are spending your time when you are at work. The tool is extremely easy to use, works on the web, desktop, and mobile devices, and can even offer users tracking reminders. 

There are different plans, including the free, starter, premium, and enterprise plans. This tool can be used by all members of the company team. 

This toolkit should be the foundation of your team's collaboration and productivity, and it's essential for bridging the gap between on-site and remote employees. 

What productivity tools do you use to stay organized and efficient? Do you think they are useful or do you prefer to use other prioritization methods?
Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

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