How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone via 3 Effective Ways [Updated]

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone via 3 Effective Ways [Updated]

Nowadays, we rarely chat with our friends via SMS, but it doesn’t mean that text messages are useless. Probably, SMS has recorded your reservations, verification, important appointments, and more. If we lose them, perhaps we will be in big trouble.
What if we mistakenly delete the messages from iPhone that we still need? How do we handle it? In other words, how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone? If you are also searching for a solution, please come here and go on to read this post. You will gain 3 methods to recover your iOS SMS smoothly.

How to Restore Deleted SMS on iPhone with iTunes Backup

Many people usually back up their iPhone data to computers with iTunes. If you are the same with them, undoubtedly, you can restore your deleted SMS from your iTunes backup. It is a safe and effective way.
Besides, you might have already known that iTunes will overwrite your existing files on iPhone after restoration. But please note that if you back up your existing data in advance, the new backup file will cover the previous one.
Thus, the best way is that you restore it immediately when you find that the deleted text messages are lost. As long as the existing data is identical to the backup data, there is no overwriting on your iPhone.
Please follow the guide to retrieve your SMS via iTunes.
1. To start with, open iTunes on your computer, and connect the iPhone to the computer via a data cable.
2. Click your iPhone icon and the Summary option. Then you will see Backups. Please choose This Computer.
3. Tap Restore Backup to get your deleted text messages back from the iTunes backup.
How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone via 3 Effective Ways [Updated]

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone with iCloud Backup

Using iCloud backup is another choice to recover deleted text messages on iPhone. As we know, iCloud can automatically sync your data after you enable the iCloud backup on the iOS device. And it will not overwrite previous files, which is better than using iTunes.
However, the free cloud space is limited. Once your storage is full, and you want to keep on backing up to iCloud, you need to upgrade the space first.
Please follow the guide to get your deleted messages back from iCloud:
1. Open the iCloud website on your computer, and log in to your Apple ID.
2. Choose Text Messages, and find the messages you want to recover.
3. Go to Settings on the iPhone, tap your name, and click iCloud. Then turn off Messages in the iCloud Settings, and select Keep on My iPhone. Finally, switch Messages on, and tap Merge. It will retrieve your messages soon.
How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone via 3 Effective Ways [Updated]

How to Recover Deleted iPhone Messages with Recovery Software

When you don’t have any backup of your iOS data, you cannot recover deleted messages from iTunes or iCloud. Then what can you do in this situation? Don’t panic. You can get help from iPhone recovery software. In general, to recover your deleted files, the software will ask you to root your device.
First of all, you need to choose the tool from an official website, and make sure its features can meet your needs. Then check its pricing. Next, confirm the software is safe without leaking your data. This step requires you to download and try the software. A safe program will ask for your consent before accessing your mobile phone.
Please follow the guide to recover deleted messages on your iPhone without backup:
1. Download and install an iOS recovery program on your PC/Mac. MobiKin Doctor for iOS, Dr.Fone iPhone Data Recovery, and iMobie PhoneRescue are useful to recover iPhone deleted SMS. Anyway, please pick the tool you are satisfied.
2. Launch the software, and link the iPhone to the computer via USB. Then make your phone trust the computer,
3. Next, please recover your deleted SMS with the prompts. Different programs have different steps, but they will easy to operate.

Final Words

See? You still have a chance to recover deleted text messages with these 3 effective approaches introduced above. If you back up your iPhone regularly, you can easily restore the SMS.
Nevertheless, please be careful to use your iPhone in your life and work to reduce the risk of losing data. For instance, do not install apps from insecure websites; turn off the screen of your phone when putting the phone in your pocket, and etc. 
Thanks for reading.
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