10 Interesting Ways to Use Red Borneo Kratom

10 Interesting Ways to Use Red Borneo Kratom

Mitragyna Speciosa, better known as Kratom, has gained popularity worldwide, thanks to research indicating its medicinal benefits. Kratom is an evergreen tree native to South-East Asian countries, such as Bali, Thailand, Borneo, and Malaysia. While natives from these areas have been using these products as alternative medicines for centuries, they have not made their way into the Western world. 
However, in recent years, people from Western countries interested in natural medicine have started using these products. There are several variants and strains of Kratom, and each possesses unique medicinal and therapeutic properties. What makes the Red Borneo Kratom special
Read on to learn more about this variant and some intriguing ways to incorporate it into your lives!

 What is the Red Borneo Kratom?

The Borneo Kratom is a popular strain native to the Borneo islands in Indonesia. The variant has a unique combination of alkaloids, leading to higher potency and strength.  However, the Red Borneo can induce positive effects in low doses, making it an economical and budget-friendly option for beginners. The strain gets the name Red Borneo from the deep red vein color its leaves possess and because it is native to the Borneo islands. The widespread popularity of this variant is a result of its high potency and unique alkaloid concentration. As a result, people worldwide prefer it over other strains as it induces better benefits at lower doses. 

Red Borneo Kratom Dosage

All Kratom strains differ in their effect and repercussions according to the dosage consumed.  Individuals who are new to Kratom should start with a small dose, such as two grams a day. Beginners might feel a long-lasting impact with amounts this small due to the high potency of this strain. If you do not feel any difference after ingesting two grams, increase your uptake to between three and five grams. However, make sure you wait for at least two hours after taking your first dose to prevent side effects. Experienced users who have been ingesting Kratom for years can take up to ten grams of Red Borneo a day. However, consumers should be wary of taking in such highly potent strains as they can produce heavy sedation. 
Consumers should consider several factors to ensure they arrive at the most suitable dosage for themselves. Some of the considerations they should look into include experience level, personal needs, and weight. While experts can take higher doses, beginners should start small and increase their intake as and when required. High relaxation and sedation require higher concentrations, whereas an increase in mental clarity requires users to ingest small amounts of the product.

10 Interesting Ways to Use Red Borneo Kratom

1. Before starting any Kratom-based regimen, users should consult a doctor to prevent adverse drug reactions and side effects. Physicians can also provide guidelines regarding usage and dosing recommendations depending on your age, sex, weight, and health condition. Consuming the right amount of Red Borneo is crucial as overdosing can lead to side effects, whereas taking too little produces no impact. While the appropriate dosage varies between individuals depending on various factors, there are several guidelines that consumers should follow for the best experience.
2. There are several ways and ingestion methods to consume such products. Individuals should choose a process that best suits and addresses their needs and requirements to get the best effects from the product. While capsules and tablets containing Red Borneo extracts are famous, only experienced individuals should opt for this method. These work perfectly for people who want to avoid the bitter and natural taste of Kratom. However, since they come in predetermined concentrations, they do not allow individuals much freedom to mix and match their dosage. Hence, users who want the convenience of not having to chew products can opt for this ingestion method.
3. If you prefer the taste of such natural products, you can try the Toss and Wash approach. However, individuals who do not like the bitter and earthy taste of Kratom cannot handle such methods. Kratom has a bitter, nutty and natural taste complimented by a strong aroma. Hence, beginners should stay away from such ingestion methods if they can not handle the taste or smell. However, this method allows individuals to control their consumption as it requires them to measure out the necessary quantity of Kratom. Users should put the predetermined amount of powdered Red Borneo on their tongue and wash it down using water. 
4. One of the easiest and most intriguing ways to ingest Red Borneo is by adding it to food items and drinks you consume regularly. Such a method works well for individuals who like experimenting while cooking. It also suits people who do not want to experience the natural taste of the product. 
5. When you add powdered Kratom to brownies, you can enjoy the dessert and benefit from the medicinal properties of Red Borneo. Those who rely on such products for recreational purposes can make the most of these medicinal brownies. The cocoa present in such brownies complements the bitter and earthy taste of Kratom, creating a unique and delicious blend.
6. If you face difficulties getting up in the morning and starting your work, add Red Borneo to your daily routine. Incorporating powdered Kratom into your morning tea or coffee can help supply you with the extra burst of energy you need to get through the day!
7. People who love desserts can also incorporate these products into candies and other sweets. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the combination of stevia, jaggery, sugar, or honey with these extracts. 
8. Another unique way to enjoy the therapeutic properties of such products is to incorporate them into beverages you drink daily. The sourness and sweetness of lemonade will offset the bitter taste of Kratom, creating a tasty and refreshing blend.
9. Users can also buy the leaves in bulk and try smoking or vaping them to make the best use of the product. Not only will this lead to faster effect and absorption within the body, but it will also benefit those who do not like the taste of such products. However, individuals struggling with asthma, cardiovascular ailments, and respiratory issues should refrain from ingesting Kratom this way.
10. A relaxing agent that reduces stress, anxiety, and depression
● It prevents insomnia
● Effective pain management tool
● Uplifts mood by regulating dopamine production
● Produces a euphoric effect
● Stimulating influence that boosts productivity and efficiency
10 Interesting Ways to Use Red Borneo Kratom


Now that you know about intriguing ways to ingest Red Borneo, you can add much-needed energy and motivation to your life. These products serve as natural remedies that help people fight various ailments, including anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. How do you plan on incorporating the Red Borneo Kratom into your life? Join the alternate medicine family and discuss your unique ways of using Red Borneo through the comments section below!

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