The Importance of Ephemeral Content in Social Media Marketing

The Importance of Ephemeral Content in Social Media Marketing

Social Platforms have become the epicenter of marketing. A wide range of marketing tactics is prevailing on social platforms. The evolution of social platforms with time gave rise to new social media tactics. At present, ephemeral content is regarded as an efficient marketing tool by marketers. Such content is gaining much better traction when compared to other forms of content on social platforms. Hence, such content has been garnering a massive reach among marketers. In this article, I will put forth the factors that led ephemeral content to gain momentum. 

Ephemeral Content:

If you are not used to this and new to the term 'Ephemeral Content,' it is the type of content that will be available on the social platform only for a particular duration. Thus, this content is temporary and volatile. Then, you may think about how such forms of content have become crucial. Ephemeral Content, which can also be termed as Stories, appears on the top of the homepage of the respective platform. Facebook Stories, Instagram, and Twitter Stories are the best examples of Ephemeral Content. 
Similarly, when we compare platforms like Instagram vs youtube vs TikTok vs Snapchat and so on for comparing these ephemeral content we can see the difference in how the audience grasps such content. 
Since this content catches the users' eyeballs as soon as they open the platform, people take action to open it, which results in the higher visibility of such content. So, the placement of this feature in a social platform contributed a massive role in its engagement rate. Because if someone has uploaded content, it will create a curiosity among his viewers to click and see what he has uploaded. This is the way Ephemeral Content works. This feature also works well if a piece of information has to be conveyed immediately. For instance, if a brand is launching an offer that is valid only for a specific period, then it can make use of the stories section. Thus, this is the way ephemeral content has gained a massive reach among people. There are many social media services like TweetPhoto that have been aiding brands in creating stellar ephemeral content.   

Shorter Duration Videos:

Today, the Millennials and Generation Z are the focus of attraction among the majority of brands that are prevailing on social platforms. Hence, the strategy of these brands always revolves around the interests of these age groups. These both younger age groups, which comprise the majority of the social media users, are always keen on watching videos that are shorter in duration. The videos that can be uploaded on the stories section are also minimal duration videos. Facebook and Instagram Stories allow only 15 seconds duration videos. Since the stories section has only such shorter duration videos, people don't hesitate to watch these videos. Hence, brands and influencers are also coming up with content that fits into this duration. Another notable benefit is that the Stories section allows people to share the standard posts to this feature. Hence, the viewers will come to know that new content has been uploaded and check it. So, if you want to improve the engagement of your posts, you can share them in the stories section. TweetPhoto has been helping brands to create intriguing shorter-duration videos that will fit perfectly on the stories section. 

Create Urgency With Ephemeral Content:

Ephemeral Content can be utilized as an efficient tool for impulse marketing. Promotions posts on the stories section are allowed to add Call to action that can drive the prospect to the landing page. So, if the content intrigues the viewer, he can be instantly driven to take action. Impulse Marketing use to work well with platforms like Instagram and TikTok as they have relevant features. On platforms like TikTok, brands can buy tiktok likes and views that will help them to generate huge traffic to their posts. So, the stories section is an ideal marketing tool that can help brands create quality leads and maximize their conversion rate.  
Today, brands are looking to build a strong bonding with their prospects so that it will be easy to convince them to make a purchase. Stories Section can be used as a medium for developing a bond and sustaining a relationship with the prospects and customers. Stories Section can be used to launch quizzes, opinion polls, and live videos, which are an effective medium to maintain a strong relationship with prospects. Thus, the ephemeral content has a multiple range of benefits. 

Wrapping Up:

Reports suggest that the ephemeral content has nearly 3x more engagement rate than the usual posts. Hence, marketers and influencers can take advantage of the ephemeral content, which will help them achieve their goals. 
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