5 Ways By Which Your Spa Can Conquer Social Media Marketing

5 Ways By Which Your Spa Can Conquer Social Media Marketing

The Medical Spa business is growing at a rapid pace. It has been predicted that by 2022, the total market size of the spa industry will be 127.6 billion U.S. dollars. So how do you make sure your spa is a leading figure in this multi-billion dollar industry?

The ways to do that are unlimited, but great social media marketing is certainly one of the most effective. Today, 54% of social browsers use social media for researching products and services. So to be invisible or unimpressive on social media is no longer an option for spa owners. 

But leveraging this growing market is not easy! There’s plenty of spa brands already dominating top social media websites, and you might be a newbie. But don’t worry, because these 5 tips below will give you a headstart in your social media marketing strategy. So read on!

Tips for Acing Social Media Marketing

Setting Goals

Before taking any action on your social media pages, set some objectives for your spa business. Compare the current performance of your page in comparison to competitors and decide measurable goals. 

It’s good to go for long-term objectives but don’t forget to add up weekly aims too. These weekly aims will be easier to attain, and you’ll also gain confidence as you meet each one. By the time the week, month, or quarter ends, you can check if your goals have been met. 

Remember, the entire point of setting measurable goals is to tweak strategies to generate better results. So keep monitoring your performance and be proactive in changing campaigns that don’t deliver well. 

Focus on Attracting an Audience

Competition is fierce in the spa industry, and you can’t survive unless you have a good audience. And people won’t pay attention to your social media page unless you have something genuinely unique or appealing. 

So to attract them, come up with innovative and creative post ideas. You can do this by posting something that will arouse their curiosity. Entertaining posts, how-to guides, and meme marketing are also in trend.

A unique approach will automatically enhance the number of followers on your business page. Hiring a social media marketing expert will make this job easy for you. The guys at Practice Bloom are seasoned experts in medical marketing. They know the current social media trends, and by implementing them for you, they can bring you a surge in the number of clients. 

Be Consistent

Regular posting is essential if the number of followers is not more or equal to your competitors. This is surely one of the best ways to get followers. 

People can come to your intriguing posts, like them, comment, and leave but what will stick them to your page is consistency. Develop a savvy social media strategy and plan posts for every day. Also, remember to respond to people’s messages and comments on your posts. 79% of consumers expect responses within a day of reaching out, and many brands fail to provide them.  

Your social media activity can contribute to lead generation and make your prospects happier. Plus, the frequency of your social media activity also shows how much you care about your customers. But remember, there’s always a thing as “too much,” so don’t bombard your followers with an unnecessarily high number of posts. 

Understand your audience’s interests

Experimenting with your posts is an excellent idea to understand your audience. Find what makes them interested in your posts. It could be promotional offers, before and after photos, interiors of your spa, videos showing specific treatments, and so on. 

Try to identify age, demographic, average income, etc., to know your target audience well. Once you understand them, it is easier to decide what kind of posts to plan to keep the audience engaged with your page. 

Another thing you should remember is that people’s interests vary by platform. For example, on Facebook, videos drive the most ad-clicks. This might not be true for platforms like Twitter. So be conscious of the website, too, while you try to pique your audience’s interests.

Know your Competitors

Do a competitive analysis and figure out the strategies of your competitors. See how their fan following is growing. Once you start understanding their strategy, you can design your own to counter theirs. Keep an eye on what they share and whether their audience is liking it.

You can either adopt the same strategy or use an improved version of it. If the competitors are using promotional offers, discounts, gifts, etc., you can also try to offer those. But a new, innovative way always works the best in grabbing attention. For example, you can run affordable spa care package offers for festivals or special occasions. 

So use competition-analysis as a way to determine how hard and where you need to work. But don’t copy them because no one likes copycats. 

Final Words

These are just some ways using which you can ace your social media marketing game. But remember, social media is a hub for experimentation. You can always try out new ideas, and some of them might hit the right mark. So keep being consistent with your social media marketing efforts, and you’ll see definite success. 

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