VPN: What Is It And What Are The Benefits It Offers?

Not sure what a VPN is and what benefits? Do you want to hire a free VPN and you don't know should you choose? You’re on the right page!

VPN: What Is It And What Are The Benefits It Offers?

Talking about Internet security implies irremediably talking about VPNs. By its acronym, VPN refers to Virtual Private Network. The network comes to protect our identity on the Internet, while allowing us to enjoy certain added advantages. There are many companies that offer best these VPN services, such as iTop VPN. But what really is a VPN? What are its benefits when browsing the Internet? Let's see what this type of private connection masks.

First of all, what is a VPN and what is it for?

To understand how a VPN works, we have to know what the meaning of its acronym implies. A virtual private network is nothing more than a bridge network that allows us to connect to the Internet through a server hosted in another part of the world.

When accessing a web page, the server that hosts the content stores the IP address and MAC address of our equipment (computer, tablet, mobile phone ...). This data serves not only to identify us as unique users, but also to offer us targeted advertising based on our profile. The use of a virtual private network helps to mask precisely the first identifier, that is, the IP address.

By default, web pages borrow the public IP address of our router. With this IP address, any software can locate us within a map more or less precisely. This is where one of the greatest advantages of VPN networks resides, since they allow us to simulate our location in any country or territory where the company has a server. To this must be added that most VPNs encrypt the data sent between the incoming server and the outgoing server to improve the security of the connections. That is, the web page identifies the VPN server, masking our identity completely.

What are the benefits of a VPN

We have already discussed the usefulness of VPN networks on a theoretical level. Now it's time to talk about the benefits of using a VPN when browsing the Internet.

Among the advantages that a VPN offers us, we find the possibility of accessing content limited to some countries, such as the reproduction of live television channels. This not only applies to web pages, but also to streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO. In other words, a VPN opens the ban on limited content from countries such as the United States or Canada. In other words, we can see series and movies that are not available in our country due to the lack of rights.

Which VPN should you choose?

There are several criteria for choosing the best but if they can be summarized, the level of security, access speed and number of servers available are the main points. That's why we recommend iTop VPN because this VPN service provides no less than 1000 servers worldwide. With 1000's of servers available you can choose any fake location you want. iTop VPN also offers amazing access speeds meaning you won't experience the slow connection you might be used to with similar services. 

Finally, this free VPN for Windows provides military-grade encryption so you don't have to worry about any attempts at tracking your real IP address. And if that wasn't enough, iTop VPN does not enforce any data access restrictions. You will not experience slow connection after consuming a certain data quota. What are you waiting for?

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