5 Astonishing Features To Promote Your Small Business On Instagram

5 Astonishing Features To Promote Your Small Business On Instagram

There are various striking features on Instagram for every small business that could help you in growing online. Whether you need to develop brand awareness, bring out e-commerce sales, or strengthen your community, there is a feature on the platform that helps achieve your objectives.

Instagram For Businesses

Instagram is an essential tool for every business or brand, especially tracking the network's current strategy into e-commerce. Essentially, the network becomes an online home for shoppable inspiration. Acquiring a robust social presence is necessary for every brand. 

Instagram Features For Every Small Business

Instagram Shopping

The shopping feature on Instagram can be great for every business that sells products on the platform. The platform introduces various features on e-commerce to support brands and businesses online. 

Now, every business could tag their products on Instagram stories and feed posts, and also, you can have an "Instagram Shop" tab on their Instagram profile to show products. Instagram helps you to choose your desired product and complete the payment within the app itself. It's a fantastic way for businesses on the platform to obtain more sales quickly. 

Clickable Link In Bio Section

Instagram bio's clickable link part is an excellent feature for every brand looking to get massive traffic from the platform, and it's an underutilized part from many Instagram users.

The clickable link in your Instagram bio is the perfect path for brands to acquire valuable traffic from the app.

Instagram Live

It is the perfect tool for every business that looks to grow valuable connections with its community. Recently, Instagram live usage skyrocketed. Grouping the target audiences through this feature, businesses strengthen their community well and explore an authentic part of their business. 

For instance, a famous fitness brand on the platform regularly conducts Q&A sessions, fitness workouts, and tutorials via Instagram Live, providing more value to their target audience than selling services or products.

Instagram Live Shopping: Here, businesses could share live links directing to the products during their live session on Instagram. Every product link would appear at the video's bottom, so the audience could easily click the link to know more about the product. 

Instagram Live Badges: Live badges on Instagram are the perfect way to earn more on the platform if your business or brand is all about the service you serve. The "badge" concept brings off a prominent feature within TikTok and Twitch, enabling the fans to "tip" content creators during Instagram's live streams. And you can expect this feature on Instagram soon.

Food Orders And Gift Cards

In response to the Covid Pandemic, Instagram introduced two new features for every business: Food Orders and Gift Cards.

Gift cards are an excellent way for every business to sell vouchers on the platform, and it's available through a profile option or a sticker on Instagram stickers.

The new food order option appears on Instagram profiles, and stories stickers could be used to order foods via UberEats, GrubHub, Caviar, and many more.


IGTV(Instagram TV) is a perfect platform for showcasing interviews, tutorials, and products - the type of content that engages more with audiences and helps in developing strong long-term relationships. The brands who have utilized this platform get automatic Instagram likes with massive success. You can include the clickable links on IGTV video descriptions, making it so simple for your viewers to purchase products showcasing in your video content.

Bonus Tip

 Instagram Stories Stickers

Instagram stories are the perfect way to collect customer feedback and encourage more engagement for your brand and business. Instagram stories stickers provide an easy way for your followers to interact more with your business, and it could be the best way to know what your target audience needs. Here are some Instagram stories stickers that work well for businesses on the platform:

Poll Stickers: It is the easiest and quickest stickers for your fans to interact with, providing them with a superb option to promptly boost engagement. Polls are a great path to grab massive audience interactions, and the simple ones always work well.

Slider Stickers: The emoji stickers are another way for the easy engagement option for the stories. Though it is perfect for acquiring instant sentiment reactions, it could also be used creatively.

Question Stickers: It is trending and famous across the world since its launch. It is the best way to know what your audience thinks about something and grab more interactions. Also, sharing the best answers of your fans gets your business a massive reach.

Quiz Stickers: If you are searching for a fun and quick way to encourage a lot of clicks from your target audience, here are the quiz stickers. It's a fun way to deliver the story of your brand or information about a product launch. 

Countdown Stickers: It's the best tool for creating hype for the audience about your product event or launch. Also, ask your fans to click and set a reminder to know the exact time the countdown completes so that they can understand your new information instantly.

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