6 Mobile App Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

6 Mobile App Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

To tap into a large group of audience, a small business needs a mobile application. Once you start developing your small business app, you must simultaneously frame a marketing plan to market it to your target audience effectively.

In the crowd of millions of applications, if you want your app to stay at the top in the list of the number of downloads, you have to have a strong marketing plan. Your small business gets an added ability to engage with clients on a higher level through a mobile app and provide a positive customer experience. 

To gain user attention and downloads in huge numbers, you must promote and market your small business application on a large scale. Your mobile app serves as a medium for your audience to know more about your business. Therefore, to attract more customers and generate more significant revenue, every small business owner or marketer should apply the below explained six proven and effective mobile app marketing strategies to increase their market share.   

06 Most Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

1.) Create an online presence of your mobile app: 

An excellent mobile app alone will not help you gain user attention and more sales. You need an online presence of your small businesses’ mobile app, for which you need to design an overall branding theme and an app icon for your app.

To announce your mobile app, you need to create a well-designed landing page possible through several online tools to find low-cost icon designing plans and personalized templates.

To become more popular and increase your app’s online visibility in a short period, nothing can beat the power of social media platforms. Once your mobile app is officially released, you can paste the link to download your app on all your social media accounts. 

Digital marketing experts believe that you should target those social media channels to find people who are likely to download your mobile app.

2.) Conduct a pre-launch marketing campaign: 

To make your mobile app famous and reach the masses, you should start marketing it before its official launch date. 

Before the launch of a new product, a company starts promoting it in the market to start purchasing it as soon as it is launched. Therefore, it would be best to start your mobile app’s marketing campaign much before its launch date to educate your audience about it well in advance.

Early marketing of your mobile app helps in creating a buzz about it among your target audience. Through this strategy, you would also know who your potential customers are and why they want to download your app.

As a part of your pre-launch marketing campaign, you can organize an online or offline event to interact with them and tell them about the benefits of downloading your mobile app. 

Some popular pre-launch app marketing tips release a teaser, write a blog, publish a press release, and more. Remember to make your pre-launch marketing campaign a unique and innovative one. 

3.) Email marketing: 

One of the most effective methods to reach millions of people in one shot is email marketing. You must design a creative email marketing strategy that would grab the eyeballs of thousands of people and help you connect with your potential customers to introduce your app. 

The body of your email marketing campaign must include details of your mobile app, such as an incentive for downloading the app within a given time limit or a special introductory price. Since more than 60% of the audience use their smartphones to check emails, you must use mobile-friendly templates when designing your email marketing.

To analyze your data, you can track the statistics and divide your list for A/B testing. In the long haul, to increase the downloads of your app, you can retarget the users from your primary email blast, i.e., those users who haven’t downloaded your app yet.

 4.) Mobile Promotion: 

Mobile advertising or promotion is another excellent strategy to market your small business mobile app. Through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, you can send out ads on your TG’s mobile devices.

When users search using their mobile phones, Google offers mobile ads to them. However, when they are on websites, Google displays ads to them. 

If your target is smartphone users, the best way to advertise your app is through OR code. As a part of your mobile promotion strategy, you must add your business-specific QR code to your business card, website, brochures, and mailing list.

5.) Video Marketing: 

You should treat your mobile app as a product of your small business and make its launch a formal product launch where you advertise it on the internet and television. Nowadays, it is pretty common to see mobile app ads on the internet and TV.

The digital marketing experts strongly believe that promotional videos are highly effective marketing tools. In video marketing, you take the users on a quick tour of your app and provide them with a glance at your app’s user experience.   

6.) App store optimization: 

App Store Optimization or ASO is called the SEO of the mobile app industry. When the market is oversaturated, the app needs easy discoverability. So, optimizing your mobile app becomes vital, which can be done by paying attention to the keywords, name of the app, ratings, screenshots, videos, and descriptions.

You should also optimize your mobile app for app search because it helps users find your app easily without putting in much effort. In addition, ASO techniques, such as positive app ratings, help attract thousands of people, and app description helps drive massive traffic. 

You must ensure that your app description articulates the value of your app clearly. In addition, if you are in contact with any industry-specific influencers who can easily connect with your mobile app, you must approach them to promote your app.   

The Final Thoughts

By applying the above six mobile app marketing strategies, you will create an early dent in the market and taste the benefits of developing an app for your small business. 

Your marketing strategies should be according to your target audience, for which you need to have a clear understanding. Remember to attract quality users over quantity. 

You can also read reviews on the app store to learn about common complaints and closely listen to your users' feedback during the first stage of the app release.      


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