Best 10 Tips To Prepare For An Interview And Get A Job Offer

Best 10 Tips To Prepare For An Interview And Get A Job Offer

Let’s face it, interviews are tough to get by and to nail. If you're just starting out, then this process can feel even more intimidating and downright scary. The reason why interview processes are tough is because it’s a new environment where you don’t know anyone and are in a room where every answer that you give will be cross questioned and eventually evaluated. What’s important to remember is that interview processes are meant to test you and how well you perform will determine your selection in an organization.

The interview process isn’t just about answering questions and giving them your CV, it's so much more. It’s a process that ultimately leads you to acquiring your job. A part of the interview process involves negotiating your salary. While the interviewer will most likely try to negotiate the salary package you will have the option of either agreeing to a salary that’s comfortable to you by negotiating or standing firm. In this article, we’re going to cover some helpful tips that’ll help you nail the interview process and lead you to the final process of landing a job offer.

Helpful tips on how to nail the job interview and receive that job offer - 

1. Do a thorough research on the company and the industry - Understanding the company the interviewer’s role in the organization will give you confidence. Do a research on the company's social media handles, study their website, any releases. Knowing popular industry trends will show the interviewers your knowledge about the industry.

2. Prepare for commonly asked questions - In every interview there are going to be some questions that are asked most commonly by the interviewer. Most commonly asked questions are “tell us more about yourself”, “what are your weaknesses”, “reason for leaving your last job”, “explain a challenge which you had to overcome”. Preparing for these questions beforehand and answering them honestly by giving an insight into your life will show your preparedness.

3. Prepare for your answers - It may seem extreme but prepare for your interview with the help of your family members or friends. Think of an interview like preparing for an exam and you’ll answer with confidence.

4. Be prepared with your work samples - It’s likely that during an interview your interviewer will ask for your past work samples. These show the kind of work you’ve done in the past and also gives your interviewer an idea of whether you could or could not fit into the organization.

5. Arrive on time - One negative impact you can have in the minds of your employers is not arriving on time. Being punctual shows the employer your time management skills and puts a positive impact on your interview. 

6. Display confidence - If you think that you’re perfect for a job, you’ll answer questions more confidendently. You can display confidence by displaying a firm handshake only if a hand has been offered to you first. Making eye contact, listening to the question first and then answering later.

7. Prepare a reference list - Your interviewer may ask you for a reference list before or after an interview. Having a list ready shows your preparedness and your organizational skills for the interview.

8. Be positive and authentic - Answering honestly and with authenticity displays your nature to the employer. Anyone can give answers off the internet, what makes you special is how you explain an answer with real life experiences. A positive body language and a smile will help you feel relaxed during the interview process.

9. Keep your answers short and focused - Keep your answers short and simple when asked a question by the interviewer. Stay focused by keeping your answer to the point without straying too much.

10. Follow up with a thank you email - Request for your employers business card and once the interview is over, send them a personalized thank you card. Make sure to incorporate a few anecdotes from your interview. Keep your email short and simple. 

Barbara Corcoran once said that asking your interviewer what’s stopping them from hiring you and how to best solve it could help you in getting that job. It’s also important to remember that simply applying at one company isn’t enough. With the scarcity of jobs it’s only logical that one applies to multiple firms if their choice and hopes for positive results.

In Conclusion -

Based on your skill set and the level that your applying for, your interview process will defer. Interviewers are more lenient when it comes to hiring someone for a lower level or for internships than compared to hiring employees for a higher managerial post. Employers must remember to stay calm, composed and not to worry too much if they don’t do well in an interview. The right job is just around the corner you just have to be confident enough and keep searching and trying till you find a job that fits you the best and also let’s you grow.

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