Tips for Choosing Stools for Children

Tips for Choosing Stools for Children

During the coronavirus pandemic, children are required to attend online school from home. Starting from the study room, school equipment, to the study table and stools may have been prepared in such a way by parents while studying at home. 

However, there are still many children who get a seat that is not suitable. Plus the need to sit down to study for a long time can have an impact on the health of the child's spine.
If you are confused or need help finding the best child stool, our door is always open and will be happy to help you find the best stools for kids.

In fact, according to research published in 2013, back pain is the third most common cause of doctor visits in the United States. 

Unfortunately, many patients do not realize that sitting is one of the main causes of back pain and soreness. In fact, if left unchecked, spinal health can also be disrupted.
In children, sitting in the wrong study stool can also cause problems with the child's spine. There are two possible disturbances, namely:


This condition most often occurs during growth or before puberty. Normally, the spine will form a straight curve from the shoulders down. But in people with scoliosis, this bone will curve sideways like an S or C shape.


Kyphosis or a hunched back can also be another problem that occurs when a child sits in the wrong study stool. In mild cases, a stooped back may not cause a problem. However, in severe cases, a stooped back can cause significant pain and changes in body shape.

So that these two disorders can be avoided, here are tips for choosing a learning stool for children's bones:

Choose a Stool that Fits the Height of the Table

It is important for parents to choose a stool that is equivalent to a child's study table. Not too high and not too low. In addition to making the child uncomfortable, a stool that is too high is also a risk for the child to be stoop. 

Choose Standardized Stool Material

Not only from the height of the stool but the material is chosen must also be good. For example, if you want to use a wooden study stool, make sure there are no nails that have not been installed properly. If you use a plastic stool, choose one that is BPA and phthalates-free.

Add Bearing

So that the back does not hurt, parents can add a cushion to the front of the stool. This pad serves to support the child's back so as not to feel aches and pains. For children who have a fairly large body, parents can buy a learning stool with wheels. Stools of this type usually have additional cushioning on the spine. If you are confused or need help finding the best child stool, our door is always open, and will be happy to help you find the best stools for kids.

After knowing the type of stool that is good for children, you must also teach children to sit in the right position, namely:

  • Get used to the buttocks against the back of the stool because this can support the back well.
  • Use a stool that has elbow support and keep your elbows close to your body.
  • Avoid crossing your legs and bending your legs while sitting on a stool.
  • Set the height of the stool equivalent to the child's study table.
  • Do not bend over or sleep on a table as this can result in back, neck, and headache pain.
  • In between school breaks, invite children to stretch and take a leisurely walk at home. This serves to relax the muscles and bones of the child.

Model or Design

There are various models of child stool so that this can attract the attention of children. Choose a model that is not only good but also comes with comfort when your child uses it. A good model does not necessarily mean or guarantee its comfort. But the balance between the current model and comfort when used. It is very important for parents to choose a stool that is the same height as the study table. Choose one that has the right proportion. In addition to making it uncomfortable, a stool that is too high certainly causes health problems in the spine or back. Also, make sure that the child can put his feet on the floor.

Room Color and Concept

The placement of a child's seat turns out to have an impact on whether or not the child likes the stool you choose. You can mix and match colors with the concept of the study room so that children feel happy. You can also consider the pattern of the stool. It would be better if you discuss with your child to find out what he likes, how the model and design or motif he wants. This method is effective in getting them motivated to study hard if you are looking for a stool to help your child learn.

Children who are in the process of growing need a lot of guidance and assistance. Understand and know what function the child seat you need. Is it to be placed in a room, study room, or other corners of the house.
Children's spinal health if they sit too long and don't move much, they will experience problems. You can choose a child seat by looking at its function or use. 

Choose a stool as needed so that it can be used more optimally. Teach the child to sit in the right position, with the buttocks against the back of the stool so that it can support the child's back properly. An improper position will also affect the child's back.
Teach your child to do stretches and leisurely walks at home, it works so that children relax their muscles and bones. So that the bones are stretched and relaxed, also not tense and stressed because they sit mostly doing their schoolwork. If your child complains of back pain while studying from home, try applying warm oil and then gently massage his back. If the complaint persists, immediately take it to the doctor for proper treatment.

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