How To Keep Up With A Growing Business

If you've managed to start your own business, then you've already accomplished one of the most difficult things that most people will do in their lifetimes.

Of course, that's just the first step on a never-ending road toward long-term success. Only about 30% of businesses remain open after their first ten years, and making mistakes during growth phases is a big reason for that.

Handling business growth is a skill set of its own, and it practically requires a second business plan. In order to grow effectively, you'll need to identify growth objectives and come up with realistic ways to reach them. Avoid becoming too ambitious, or your business may grow faster than you can scale it, which will ultimately cause a collapse. Of course, not growing fast enough may lead to a lack of capital, which is the most common reason businesses fail. It's definitely a balancing act that takes some getting used to. Here are a few solutions that can help you keep up.

Truck Renting

How To Keep Up With A Growing Business

Maintaining an efficient supply chain is one of the toughest aspects of business management. This is especially true for smaller businesses that can't yet afford their own fleet of trucks to ensure timely order fulfillment. Fortunately, renting a fleet is easier than ever with fluidtruck.com. Thanks to Fluid Truck, you can get anything you need, from cargo vans to large moving trucks. This can be a great option for a small business that needs to move its own products, office furniture, or other materials between locations.

Simply have your drivers book a truck online using the Fluid Truck app, and they can pick up each truck you need at a nearby location. You'll have constant access to any trucks you need, instead of being limited by the traditional business hours of most vehicle rental services. You'll also have pricing options that allow you to rent on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, making this service perfect for business owners who need to customize their services.

Call Center Software

How To Keep Up With A Growing Business

In the early days, you may have been able to support local customers yourself and limit your advertising to the local area as well. As your business starts to grow, however, you'll need a dedicated way for sales agents to chase leads and support agents to provide excellent customer service. Start by looking at the benefits of outbound call center software.

You need sales agents to make rapid outbound calls to potential leads during your marketing campaigns, and call center software equipped with a predictive dialer and progressive dialer is your best bet. Manually dialing numbers takes up a great deal of time and lowers agent productivity, so you'll need ways to bypass this. Depending on your desired approach, you can use a predictive dialer to call a preset list of numbers and alert all agents when a call is answered, or you can use a progressive dialer that will only make calls once an agent has indicated they're available for a call. If a sales lead has to wait after answering a phone call, they'll likely hang up before an agent gets to it.

Of course, you should also focus on your inbound call center solutions. This is where customer support agents will field calls from customers and assist them with problems. You'll want to route calls with smart solutions like interactive voice response, which will give callers a list of options to choose from before being routed to the right agent for the call.

With customer relationship management (CRM) integrations, your agents can even take advantage of real-time data to view customer information to assist with each call. This is also an opportunity to make special offers to existing customers to inspire customer loyalty. It's always easier to retain an existing customer than it is to attract a new one, after all, and business growth isn't possible without keeping your existing customers happy.

Hiring a customer support agency can be a good move for your companies growth, check Chirpish for that.

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