The Different Types Of Wigs You Need To Know

The Different Types Of Wigs You Need To Know

Because one day we dreamed of changing the color, the hairstyle and having the feeling of being another for a moment, that's why wigs are the ideal solution. Want to be platinum blonde like Brigitte Bardot or opt for a short haircut like Audrey Hepburn? The wig allows you to achieve all your desires without going through the hairdressing stage.

However nowadays there are several types of wigs. Thus, before making your impulse purchase, it is important to know the various models of wigs and the various techniques used to achieve them.

Synthetic wigs

As the name suggests, these wigs are made with synthetic fibers. While they do not have the notoriety of natural hair wigs, synthetic wigs have nevertheless benefited from technical advances in the way they are made, appearing at first glance to be of a quality close to that of natural wigs. These are the most affordable wigs but they have the disadvantage that they cannot be dyed or ironed because synthetic hair cannot withstand heat. You must then choose a hairstyle that you like and you will not be able to modify it anymore. A synthetic custom wig does not have as long a lifespan as the natural hair wig, but it is easier to maintain.

Natural hair wigs

Human hair wigs, often referred to as Lace Wigs, are made with human hair only. The hair is usually from different donors. Then the hair is disinfected, then treated and finally gathered by color and often colored to even out the result. This type of treatment is applied to all "classic" natural hair wigs, those found in most of the most popular sites in our country. You can color wigs (the natural ones) and modify them as you wish.

Human hair wigs have several advantages, they can be colored, styled and can withstand all shampoos. They are nearly invisible thanks to their all-natural look, and you can treat them the same way you treat your own hair. These types of wigs last longer, but they have the big disadvantage of being more expensive. But that doesn't mean you can't buy affordable human hair wigs. You can buy affordable human hair wigs at BeautyForefer. The site offers more than 100 human hair wigs at affordable rates.

A high quality label indicates that the wigs have been made with the cuticle of the hair intact and guarantees that the natural orientation of the hair is maintained from collection until marketing. In this case, the hair for the wig is often taken from the same person and it is made by hand. The main advantage of their hair is that it does not get tangled up, since the hair is the same shape. The high quality human hairs are even more discreet and more durable than traditional wigs. The natural hair wigs are considered the ultimate in wigs. Their price is higher, but they enjoy a very natural fallout and unparalleled shine.

If you are looking to buy quality wigs online, know that BeautyForever is the reference, offering only certified natural wigs. For your info, BeautyForever is the best one among wholesale hair vendors you can find in Internet. Finally, we hope this article was useful to increase your knowledge about wigs and their classification. Thank you for reading!

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