6 Tips To Look For Before You Buy a New Router in 2021

6 Tips To Look For Before You Buy a New Router in 2021

Before the covid-19 struck, the planet was already heavily hooked onto the web. But life during quarantine has made us have a stronger relationship with our computers and mobiles. Everything from our school classes to movies, business meetings, movies have all become online due to the pandemic. Here’s a knockout post for you to understand better. 

So, without the internet, life would have been hard to get through. So now that the pandemic has pushed us to get a good WIFI connection at home, we must know what router to choose to give us a good and stable internet connection. THAT'S WHERE WE GOT YOU COVERED! Here are six tips to look for before you buy a router.

Before getting into it, the first thing about selecting a router is not to confuse it with a modem. To make it clear, a router is a device that distributes the internet for a longer range, wired or wirelessly. At the same time, a modem is a device connected directly to the fiber optic that your Internet service provider sets up. So be sure to cross-check with your provider about the router's compatibility.


Routers vary in pricing costing from 500₹-5000₹ or more. It is always advised to get a bit expensive router, and it is good to be equipped with the right router to support the evolving age. Since I recommended looking for routers with good functionality, the ideal router for you should cost about ₹4,000 to ₹5,000. This isn't a lot. Moreover, investing in a good router will put your life at home at ease in a drastic way.


You have a good internet pack that gives you 100Mbps connection speed, but YOU CAN'T GO ANYWHERE AWAY FROM THE ROUTER. We always fixate on the speed of the WIFI rather than looking at the range of the router. Having fast internet in the room with WIFI is good, but it's not good to get the average internet speed in the next room. So always consider a router with a good range that can cover most areas of the house that need connection. If it's a huge house, consider opting for mesh connections to increase the WIFI range

3.Consider Dual-band routers:

There are two types of frequency bands (5Ghz and 2.4Ghz). So always look for a router that supports both these frequency bands as these combinations can give you more advantages. It is advised to buy a dual-band router if you live in a place with too many people using the WIFI, as it will give faster speeds. The 2.4Ghz frequency will provide you with a longer range but lesser rate than the 5Ghz, which offers higher speeds in a small range. Need to download movies and games instantly? Just go near your router and watch the download bar swoosh by! Want to take your phone with you to protect something in the bathroom? YOU GOT IT!

4.Smart Home Integration and Ports:

You have a huge mansion but only one router; sure, routers give you range but the farther away, the lesser the speed. This is when you'll need devices that help you increase the range all over your mansion. But your router does DOESN'T HAVE EXTRA PORTS?? Not implying that you need an estate to buy these kinds of routers but just in case, always look for routers that have a lot of ports. Having more ethernet ports in routers is a good feature. Check if your wireless router has a dedicated USB 3.0 port for connecting external drives and devices for smart home integration purposes. Having more ports can also help while extending the range of the WIFI. 

5.Depends on the data plan:

If you're paying for download speeds of 100Mbps, then that's as fast as your router will go when you are using it. This also finally is more of a user's choice kind of situation. The buyer must always consider the speed of the network as well when he buys a router. If he plays for a gigabit speed connection and the router doesn't support gigabit speeds, then it's useless buying that router. So always cross-check with the data plan that you have opted for before you choose your suitable router.

6.Go for optional features:

When you try searching for a router of a particularly high price range, try to find optional features integrated with the router. Here are some of the points to look for in your router:

  • Quality of Service (QOS) lets you prioritize connections and devices over others.
  • Beamforming is a feature that allows you to focus the Wi-Fi signal on a particular target, like a laser beam.
  • Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MU-MIMO) is a feature that lets your router divide your bandwidth and provide it to all your devices at the same time.

It is just a reminder; avoid going for routers based on their visually appealing or aesthetic look but rather go for routers based on their functionality. This will be helpful in the long run. Based on the tips provided to you, I hope you make the right decision by choosing the right router for your home. 

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