Do's & Don'ts Of A Kid's Bedroom

The kid's bedroom is a special place for your child, and it should be designed in such a way that helps to encourage creativity and imagination, as well as making the transition from childhood into an adult and settled life.

The primary purpose of this room is for your child to sleep soundly in the safety and security of his crib, which should be shielded from all sources of danger. To create a child-friendly environment, you can use Feng Shui principles and incorporate them into your kid's room design. If you don't know how to implement these principles in your own home, however, here are some tips for designing a kid's room that will help make the transition smooth and fun for your children.
Do's & Don'ts Of A Kid's Bedroom

 Few Feng Shui Tips

• When looking at the bedroom design, you need to think about the age and gender of your child. This will have an impact on all the other elements of the room, as well as the choice of paint colors and accessories. You can also decorate your child's room according to their personality. This is especially useful if you have more than one son or daughter. You can give them a space representing their personality and style while making sure that their bedroom fits with their size and structure.

• When choosing colors, stick with light shades. You may opt for darker colors for a theme that runs throughout the entire house, but make sure that they are easily changed. For instance, choose light pastel colors for a boy who likes colors such as blue and green, and go for darker shades for a girl who loves bright colors like yellow and pink. You may also choose to buy bedding in solid colors or patterned ones and coordinate them with the walls and other accessories. In this way, you help your child establish a consistent look throughout the rest of the house, and you avoid confusing the child. You may also check for colors while buying a duvet or comforter for the kid's bedroom.

Some Other Factors

Kids' bedroom decorating is always a dilemma, especially when you want to create a unique, colorful, and creative design for your kid's bedroom. These factors are considered very important when you are thinking of putting up a child's bedroom. Aside from the color scheme and the style, these factors include practicality and safety.

• The first thing you have to do is to think of whether the bedroom is placed in the main room or if it is supposed to be situated in the nursery or the living area. This will determine what type of bedding you should use since you need to make sure that the bedding is easy to maintain. You also have to check the placement of the lamp or fan to ensure that it is not located in a dangerous place.

• Safety is always the primary concern when designing your kid's bedroom. Therefore, you need to be very careful and alert when planning where you are going to put the bed. Remember that you must not place the crib or the toddler tub in a place with too many distractions. This could lead to an accident or even death. Therefore, you need to be very careful and alert when you are making decisions regarding this matter.

Do's & Don'ts Of A Kid's Bedroom

• Another factor that can affect your kid's bedroom is the lighting in the room. Since most of the rooms in the house consist of different kinds of lighting, you must get the right ones. If you want to add more color and life to the room, you can use pink or blue lamps and shades. Go for natural materials such as wood, bamboo, or rattan. These things can make your kid's bedroom look beautiful.

• Another aspect most parents tend to forget while designing the kid's room is the toy chest. This chest is significant because it keeps the kids from playing with their toys in their room. You can use it as an extra storage area to keep the different toys and other stuff that they have accumulated over the months. However, it is also possible that some toys may not fit into the chest, so make sure that you can store them properly. Otherwise, it may spread all over the room and make the place look messy and untidy.

• When you have decided on the color and theme of your bedroom, then you have to think about the furniture that will go with the motif. Several kinds of furniture can go well with almost any type of theme and color. For example, there are children's beds designed according to fairy tales or cartoons, and there are also chairs and tables with characters from these stories. It would help if you got a bed with a classic fairies design on it. If your child wants to sit on a big sofa made up of stuffed animals, then this would also look great in the theme.

• The lighting in the kid's bedroom is another essential factor to be taken care of. Kids are compassionate about the lighting around them, and they can hardly concentrate on a particular object if the lighting is too dim. Thus, it is advisable to choose the lights carefully. Also, it would help if you considered placing the lamps appropriately so that the shadow falls on the opposite wall or floor. Also, it would help if you put the light on a high wall or something that casts a much clearer picture.

Do's & Don'ts Of A Kid's Bedroom

• Also, if your kids suffer from acid reflux, make sure you introduce an acid reflux wedge pillow in their bedroom. Kids with acid reflux are not able to sleep comfortably because of the burning sensation in their throats. As you can see, the whole body is involved, and kids are the ones who bear the brunt of this disease.


Your kid's bedroom does not have to be a sad affair anymore. You need to plan appropriately and make sure that the room has all the elements which make it kid-friendly. There are so many themes available in the market, which would surely give an upbeat ambiance. So what are you waiting for? Just go out and search the net and make sure that the place is perfect.


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