Top 4 Screen Sharing Apps For Android Of All Time

Top 4 Screen Sharing Apps For Android Of All Time

A survey shows that 59% of customers have higher customer service quality expectations than the previous year. For a business competing for the customer's attention should be the priority. This is often why an organization should improve customer experience by offering better ways to interact and communicate. 

Screen sharing is a visual engagement tool that will help develop a customer's experience by providing the means for the company. 

Screen sharing or desktop sharing allows remote access and collaboration on a person's computer desktop through a graphical terminal emulator.

Screen Sharing in Depth

There are two scenarios of screen sharing. Remote log-in allows users to attach to their desktop while being physically far away from their computer.

Real-time collaboration is a much bigger area of desktop sharing use, and it's gained recent momentum as a crucial component of rich multimedia communications. 

Desktop sharing, when resorted to with other components of multimedia communications. On a larger scale, this area is additionally related to web conferencing.

Anything can be done on smartphones by anyone, as it means the world to us. An individual can send or receive emails, make presentations, play games, stream content, and do tons more with this single device. Although what happens if we wish to attach it to a much bigger screen, troubleshoot problems, or quite share content with friends. If you decide on the answer to the present problem, we've mentioned top screen sharing apps on Android.


Microsoft's video calling platform Skype allows you to share your computer or phone's screen during a video call. 

Since it's OS-agnostic, it doesn't matter whether the person on the receiving end is employing a phone or a desktop. You'll use it to stream your phone's content to a desktop or the opposite way around. 

Additionally, to one-on-one sessions, you'll show your screen's content during a group video out at no cost. Skype's screen sharing tool doesn't require any setup; all you would like is a Microsoft account. First, download Skype on your phone, then launch the app and sign in. If you haven't already, add your friend to your contacts list by checking out their Skype ID from the search bar at the highest. 

Now, stir up a video call with them by tapping the camcorder icon at the chat's top-right corner. When your friend picks it up, touch the three-dot button at the bottom-right of the decision interface, and choose Share Screen. Your screen and whatever you are doing thereon are going to be visible to your friend. 

To end screen sharing and return to the camera's stream, tap the blue Stop Sharing button. Skype features a bundle of other communication tools you'll find handy. There'sA built-in translator may transcribe a call's audio in real-time and display subtitles during a range of various languages. Plus, you've got the choice to record calls, smart suggestions for text messages, and more great Skype features.

Inkwire Screen Share + Assist

Inkwire app allows you to easily share the screen of your Android device with a different Android user. Once the two users are connected, starting with an invitation, they will create a voice chat or maybe draw on their screen and share their notes.

Screen Share OneAssistant

Screen Share OneAssistant is an app that allows you to share your screen with another Android user. Once the two users are connected, you'll start a voice chat, draw on the screen, or perhaps lead off the other's Android device.


ScreenMeet app for Android and iOS devices permits you to mirror and broadcast your mobile screen in real-time. It is very intuitive and straightforward to use the app, very useful for professionals to point out demos, presentations, etc., without the need to download complicated software.


All these share-screen Android apps are available within the Play Store. Android Screen Sharing is often a lifesaver allowing the in-need person to urge out of any technical trouble during a matter of seconds. The best screencasting software can come in very handy once you want to point out someone's work or teach them how to do something. No matter the geographical distance, the share screen Android app can assist in additional than a method.

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