Top 8 Reasons All Children Should Learn To Code Today

Top 8 Reasons All Children Should Learn To Code Today

We all want our students to acquire the life skills they need to achieve academic, personal, and eventually professional success. But with so many important and extracurricular skills available for them to learn, it can be difficult to know what to prioritize.

Coding is a skill that stands out in the modern age. It offers children a much-needed boost in life, social, and educational skills, as well as an edge in their future careers.

Why should children learn to code?

Coding or computer programming is a part of everything and is everywhere in the world around us. Scientific and technological innovation are the cornerstones of our global economic system. Our economy, our well-being… everything depends on it.

It is not only important in technology-related fields. A coding component id present in virtually any industry you can think of, be it manufacturing, education, healthcare, agriculture, etc. The question that remains should not be "why?" but how?" How can I inspire my child to learn how to code, what is the right age and time to start coding and what are its many benefits?

Demystified Coding

Programming is easier than you think!

Coding is extremely easy for children to understand, and so once there has been a preliminary introduction to coding and a few explorations, they can easily master the rudimentary skills.

This basic knowledge helps children interact with the technology around them instead of passively consuming it. Through this quick mastery, they build their self-confidence. As children become more confident, he encourages them to keep pushing on their coding education and learn more.

Top 8 reasons why all kids need to learn to code.

1 . Coding offers a new view of the way they look at the world

Computer code is a way of describing reality, similar to English or any other language. A programming language, like any natural language, has its own grammar and syntactic rules. So learning to code is a lot like learning a second language and offers many of the same benefits.

Each new language gives us a new perspective that is uniquely in tune with a given environment. Today, children are able to build an excellent vocabulary by being fluent in coding languages such as Javascript, Python, or Scratch. They interact better with the world around them. It is no wonder that programming is being referred to as the new literacy!

2. Coding encourages creativity

Shaping a mental picture into the real world is the heart of creativity. Even at a young age, students can take advantage of their creative abilities to create interactive motion graphics, websites, and video games with their coding skills.

Coding is one of those few creative academic areas that can result in a truly interactive piece of work. And what really is more exciting for children than interacting with one of their own creations. This serves as a great complement to other creative venues, giving kids another way to bring their artistic ideas to life.

3. Coding improves math and logic skills

The learning code teaches children computational thinking - the process of dividing complicated tasks into individual steps (such as loops, conditionals, etc.) that a computer can understand. This is the same process that is used to analyze complex arguments and is a mainstay of logical thinking. The more children practice coding, the better their logic skills.

Math skills can often seem abstract and difficult to understand. This is particularly true when a student enters high school math, a transition many of us have struggled with. Coding projects have the ability to make math concepts feel a bit more real. As the students proceed to learn mathematical concepts of algebra and geometry, the variables and other concepts that they have already learned and understood from computer science are sure to give them a head start.

4. Coding Helps Kids Solve Problems

Simple coding projects offer a great introduction to problem-solving skills at a young age. Programmers learn to divide complex problems into simpler ones. This is one of the most important and rewarding parts of problem solving.

With coding, students get to test the solutions to make sure that they are working. Few other troubleshooting experiences offer this benefit. When everything else fails, they are bound to improve their Google research skills as they will have to search for those solutions online, and what person does not benefit from being better at independent research?

5. Programming projects help children build resilience

The ability to cope with failure is truly one of the most vital skills in life. Through coding, children learn that failure is a stepping stone, not an end. Recovering from a misstep happens quickly with encryption. The whole process is quite less frustrating as the students can try a number of solutions very quickly. This makes it much easier to build resilience without feeling overwhelmed.

6. Coding makes learning fun

Computer programming projects give exciting results, which you can see right before your eyes. Your student can build independent projects such as cartoons, tic tac toe or might even build their very own video game designs just from their imagination.

They can also bring their coding skills to their current favorite toys and games. Minecraft add-ons are an amazing example. Kids can use code to enhance activities they already know and love!

7. Coding is a social activity

Remember all those coding projects we talked about before? Your student can show their friends what they built too! When they can share their projects, show how they built their favorite games, it reinforces what they have learned along the process and builds up their confidence. 

Hackathons are another way that can turn coding into a social activity for kids. These virtual competitions give children the opportunity to work on problem-solving and building collaboratively with a goal in mind. It's hard to find better preparation for teamwork skills in school or on the job!

8. Coding prepares students for more futuristic careers.

Finally, this list is incomplete without the mention of careers in coding. Coding skills are indicators of digital literacy, a must in this digital age! Almost 50% of all jobs require some coding skills. There are Many platforms and  websites that provide online coding classes for kids.

Of course, all such skills are especially crucial for future dedicated to coding and computer science careers. Additionally, programmers are logical thinkers and proven problem solvers, skills that are valuable in any professional field.

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Ready to start learning code?

All these reasons, individually and as a whole, state why coding is so important for kids. When they are all combined, they make coding one of the most valuable life skills in the 21st century for all young children!


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