How to Get Offices Ready Now That Working From Home is Ending

How to Get Offices Ready Now That Working From Home is Ending

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the entire world. Beyond the health ramifications, the economy changed overnight. Workers had to adapt from working in an office to working at their kitchen table in the span of a few days. Now, after a year and a half, the world is slowly starting to get back to normal. 
People are getting vaccinated, places are reopening, and workers are starting to come back to the office.

It is an exciting time to see the world healing and people getting back to the exciting lives they were living before Coronavirus. If you run a company or are a leader in an office, you are probably thrilled to open your doors and start doing business in person again.

Just know, this step could come with some complications or new challenges in a post-pandemic world. Here are just a few tips and tricks to consider as you're getting ready to reopen your office space.

Start turning your internal systems back on.

Let's start with a simple and straightforward consideration—the state of your building.
If no one has been using your office or inhabiting the space in over a year, there are a few things you'll need to take care of. 
For one, you'll need to get your internal systems, like the HVAC unit, back up and running. Especially if you live in a warm location, you'll need to be sure a technician can get your air conditioner to function before welcoming people back.
There's a chance your air conditioner isn’t operating efficiently when you get back. Check things like your refrigerant, the air filter, or the thermostat. 
If the HVAC system is still giving you trouble, it's a good idea to call an expert emergency hvac repair Las Vegas technician who can work on these types of systems, no matter how durable they may be.

Update your technology.

After a year of working entirely online, most people have become pretty tech-savvy along the way. It may behoove you to invest in some new systems and pieces of technology. 
This will also make people excited to come back into the office. When they get to work with fancy new equipment and see you've invested in their overall systems, they'll feel appreciated and taken care of. Maybe you can even invest in something fun and specific for that brand or company. 

If you have people who love gaming, look into getting the best keyboards for gaming with Bluetooth capabilities and usable media keys. A single device with a full-size keyboard can make a big difference for your productivity and just general enjoyment. 
Look into top picks and preferences to make sure you're investing in a great profile and system that gamers and general employees can enjoy. 
If you pick a great keyboard with a wrist rest, your employees will know you care for their health as well.

Plan for larger orders and a higher volume of work.

As the world starts to open back up, you're going to get heavier traffic at your business location.
No matter what type of business you run, you're going to need to plan for larger orders and a higher volume of work. 
This may be especially relevant for restaurants. For months, you've been managing only take-out orders, but now you need to figure out your dine-in and takeout orders in the most effective way. Just because you reopen for seating doesn't mean your to-go orders are going to slow down. 

Between Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and more, you'll need a POS system that can keep up. Check out cuboh.com to find a great solution for your online orders process. 
Make the switch to Cuboh and combine all your online orders on one convenient tablet to speed up and simplify your ordering with minimal human error. This is a great way to prepare for a higher volume of orders overall.

Establish safety boundaries with your specific rules and regulations.

Living through a global pandemic was no easy task for anyone. Each individual person will have their own level of comfort with safety measures as the world starts to open back up—don't discount these concerns. 
As a workplace that is inviting people back to work, it's up to you to establish your safety boundaries and how you're going to keep employees feeling comfortable. Be honest about your new cleaning regimens and any changes to seating to keep people socially distanced. 
Share about any accessories you're putting in place and the reliability of different safety techniques. This is the best way to help everyone feel safe and ready to return.

Set up effective and honest communication methods.

Communication has always been key in an office setting. As you're returning to work in person, it's imperative that you keep these communication methods completely open and transparent. Check-in with your employees and monitor how everyone is adjusting. 
You'll also want to be able to get ahold of everyone and each account while you're in your workspace, so be sure you have an effective form of communication.

Spruce up your space.

For over a year, your employees have been working from home in a space they're totally comfortable with. While it may not be the most exciting thing for them to return to an office, you can try your best to spruce up the area.
Include fun decor, consider getting more comfortable chairs or desk space, or revamp the conference room to be more inviting. 
Some people are probably looking forward to being in an office again. Show them the office is happy to have them back, too.

Explore ways to boost morale and improve mental health services.

Throughout the pandemic, mental healthcare has been a huge priority. So many people were feeling anxious or confused as the world was turned upside-down. 
Whether people turned to bibles, friends, or other spiritual supports, many people relied on these services to get through a difficult time. 
Returning to work may result in another period of adjustment. Your team may need help with their overall morale and mental health. 
Consider updating your benefits to include these services so everyone can get high-quality care. 
You may even want to think about a hybrid approach to your office where people can still work from home part-time. Remember to keep your employees first and they will appreciate the care.
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