At-Home Learning Classroom: 10 Tips for Virtual Learning Success

At-Home Learning Classroom: 10 Tips for Virtual Learning Success

You would definitely be aware that we’re all living in the new normal. As a result, most of our activities, including learning are now from home and online. And the situation isn’t expected to change anytime soon. Though we’re well into 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic shows no signs of ebbing, even as newer strains of this deadly virus keep cropping up across the world.

Students especially are at a greater disadvantage due to the new normal. That’s because they need to focus on at-home learning too, through virtual classrooms. After a break in studies during the pandemic, focusing isn’t something easy.

If you’re one such student, there’s nothing to worry about. Because I’ll be providing you with 10 tips for success in virtual learning.

10 Tips for Virtual Learning Success

These 10 tips should help you to succeed in at home learning. And such success is important because virtual learning is here to stay for long. You can adapt any of these 10 tips to suit your specific needs.

Create Own Classroom

Create your own classroom at home. This means finding an area of your home where there’re relatively fewer or no disturbances during your virtual learning classes. Obviously, finding such a place can prove a bit difficult if you’re parents are also working from home at the same time. Therefore, speak with your parents and other family members about finding a place that you could use temporarily as a classroom for virtual learning at home. Such a place should be ideally away from TV and phones.

Draw Own Schedule

The second tip that I can provide is to draw your own schedule. Regardless whether you’re at a school or college, you would definitely would have had to follow a schedule. Make a similar schedule for virtual learning at home and stick by it. A schedule helps you bring some discipline in your own life as well as one as a student. It helps you to complete assignments on time and devote some time to studies alone. A good schedule needn’t be harsh on yourself. Instead, draw one that includes plenty of time for your other activities and enough for home learning too.

Create or Join Peer Groups

You could create own peer group with classmates or other studying the same curriculum at different schools and colleges. This helps you to interact with others and find answers to any study related problems you could face. It also helps you to learn a subject better in a group of students. Nowadays, there’re several online resources such as Zoom and Telegram where you can launch a virtual peer group and have a conference every day. Such interaction also helps you stay interested in studies and makes virtual learning a success.

Allot Time for Assignments

While you draw a schedule for at-home learning, set aside some extra time to work on assignments and review them. Since virtual learning doesn’t generally come with strict deadlines, you have ample time to review assignments and revise them if necessary to reach near perfection. This is also one of the best ways to master a subject because working on assignments gives you a lot of practical knowledge about something.

Relax Before Online Classes

Always relax before you start your online classes. That puts you in the right frame of mind for virtual learning. Unfortunately, most students play video games or watch movies and serials right before starting their classes. This causes you to remain distracted during the virtual classes. When you relax, you’re actually ridding all the unnecessary clutter from your mind and are fresh to learn new things.

Take Online Courses

One of the best ways to make the most of virtual learning and become successful is take some of those free online courses. There’re several websites and e-learning portals from where you can get free online courses with certifications. And these courses are made by experts in their fields. Additionally, some courses are from reputed American universities such as Princeton, Harvard, MIT and others. They can give vital insights into a course or help fine tune your skills on a subject.

Focus on Subjects Where You Are Weak

Normally, all students have their own set of favorite subjects. At the same time, there’re certain subjects where you might find you’re weak. In such cases, you can leverage virtual learning, interactive sessions with tutors and peer groups to overcome such weaknesses and patch up grey areas. That’s because tutors would be best equipped to help you patch up grey areas. And peers for who that subject is a favorite can help you overcome some problems in a peer group.

Stay Motivated

Noted American motivational speaker, Dr. Stephen R. Covey said: “Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.” Dr. Covey actually highlights the importance of self-motivation in these few words. As a student, you might not have enough motivation to continue or even tolerate virtual learning. Therefore, find reasons to continue at home learning that would motivate you to excel. When you’re motivated, learning becomes much easier.

Focus on Self Care

It’s very easy to neglect ourselves during the pandemic. Therefore, as a student, focus on self-care. This means taking enough time for rest and recreation and staying off addictions and other vices. Maintaining good health is most important these days. A proper routine of physical exercises with some meditation, if possible, can put you in the right frame of mine for virtual learning. I always emphasize on getting into the right frame of mind for online learning. That’s because motley distractions tend to divert our attention and the situation can be worsened if we’re in the wrong mood.

Interact with Tutors

Also use the virtual classroom to interact with tutors when possible. That means getting all doubts and questions cleared as soon as they arise. Usually, all tutors are very responsive. Hence, they will try and resolve your doubts and questions during the online class itself. And you would be indirectly helping other students that’ve similar doubts and questions to get the answers.

In Conclusion

Making virtual learning a success depends upon a student too. That’s because most students find that maintaining focus and learning at home rather difficult. This is partly due to the various distractions that’re present at homes. Therefore, making your own classroom area and following the above tips could help you to be successful at virtual learning. Before concluding, I’ll add that virtual learning can also be fun, if you maintain enough motivation and take the right steps.


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