Four Best Ways To Block Your SIM Operator

Four Best Ways To Block Your SIM Operator

In contemporary times, we all use mobile phones to communicate. While it is the most convenient and efficient medium of communication, it also has some threats. There are accidents where we either lose our mobile phone, or it gets stolen, or it can simply be that we are getting a new number. In any of these scenarios, one should consider blocking the sim card operator. 

If the mobile phone is stolen, one interesting fact is that The Department of Telecom has implemented CEIR. This central system connects all the network operators and makes sure that if a device is blacklisted, it won't work in any mobile terminal even if the sim card is removed. We suggest you try the Maui Meta 3G Repair tool and learn more about it at this page (http://www.crunchytricks.com/2018/06/maui-meta-3g.html). The full download and installation guide is available on our website. 

Before blocking the SIM card, one should make sure that all the important data is transferred to a safe place. For example- Important contacts, photos, etc. This will make sure that you still have access to them after the card has been blocked. 

Below are four best ways to block your sim card operator-

IMEI Code:

This is a very simple way to get your sim card blocked. All you have to do is to tell the IMEI Code of your phone to the telecom provider, and they will block the sim card for you. 

What exactly is an IMEI Code? 

This is a 15 to 17-digit number of every phone. It is mentioned on the box of the phone and even on the bill. If you've lost the account and the case somehow, you can call *#06# and get it immediately. Unsure about what the IMEI Number means? Have a look at this article to know more about the IMEI Code and its uses. This is the code that is used to track the mobile phone (I was always curious when I saw mobile tracking ventures in movies and web series)

The PIN and PUK Codes:

PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. It is a 4-digit security code. One should always set this pin code in their device security settings and remember it. This prevents unauthorized use of the sim card number. 

You have to fill this code every time you restart your phone. 

 Now the trick here is that if anyone fails to fill this code correctly 3 times, the SIM card in the device will automatically get blocked. The technology you see! 

But thankfully, this is not permanent! Here is the PUK code, which is the Personal Unlock Key comes into play. Most operators provide this with a sim card, but you can call the telecom company and ask for it.

Well, one thing to be careful about is that you get only ten attempts to enter the PUK code. If you fail to fill it correctly, there is no way to recover the card. It will be permanently blocked. 

One should also know about SIM NUMBER- This is a 19-Digit or letters code printed on the backside of the sim card and is very handy for PUK inquiry and if the device gets damaged or lost. 

Blocking the card through making a call to the telecom operator

Well, this is another very easy way to block your sim card operator. All you have to do is call 611 and then all the proofs they ask for (be ready with your passport data and other identity verification information). They can also ask for information about the purchased card. The phone operator has contacts with other operators in the country, and so they will make sure that the number will never be activated from anywhere else. And you're done! Your card will be blocked. 

Well, one disclaimer, you should choose to do this on a weekend because the telecom operators take a lot of time to pick up the calls. They'reThey're going to test your patience. 

Well, the last way is the one we all think of whenever we need help


It is very obvious; you have to visit the nearest customer service center of the sim card service provider (Tip- Make a call before visiting the center and ask them what all documents and paperwork you have to carry while you visit the center for the process). You'll have to provide them with your basic documents such as passport/Adhaar Card or voter ID) for identity verification. Read here about the steps to be taken while closing or blocking your mobile number. They will ask you to fill a few forms and maybe write a written application. It is advised that the owner of the SIM card should be present to perform this process. They will ask a few questions which should be answered correctly. 

It takes around 4-5 hours to block the number. A duplicate sim is also provided on request. 

Note: Some telecom service providers also block the number automatically if not used for a long period. 

There is another very interesting feature which I would like to mention here, its PIN2. This helps you to restrict the contacts you can make phone calls. The user has control over who can be contacted from that SIM number. Now, this can be very handy if the SIM card has been used by a kid.

 One thing to keep in mind is that if your phone is stolen, you should immediately inform the police after blocking the number. An FIR will be filed to ensure that if any illegal activity is performed with the sim card, you will not be accused of it.

 These are some hassle-free ways to block your SIM card operator. With the growing dependency on mobile phones, it is very important to have ultimate control over stored data.

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