What Are The Advantages Of Using A Field Service Management Software?

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Field Service Management Software?

Anyone operating in the space of field services must have heard about field service management software. It has been a while that the software is in use. Large-scale field service providers like HVAC maintenance, oil and gas industries, machinery and equipment asset management companies are increasingly using field service management software to manage and optimize their field processes.
The commonly known advantage of these software suites is the automation of field processes. A field service software is a new-age solution to automate the mundane and repeated processes in field operations. 
One way to get the maximum benefit from such software is to get the implementation process executed by official partners. if you are implementing Microsoft solution then it is recommended that you get the software from dynamics 365 retail partner in your area.

Field service software is worth the investment for any business that operates through field operation, even if it's a small-scale local business catering to a small clientele. 
The use of field service management software can reduce productivity leaks off the field workforce and help the business capture more profits. Here mentioning five advantages why every field service operator must invest in a field service software.

Smart Scheduling: In any field services job, scheduling is a very crucial task. Manual scheduling can lead to conflicts such as mismatching of technicians' skills and tasks, overlapping schedules, missed schedules, and duplicate schedules. Using field service software solutions can bring in automation in job scheduling. That data mining capacities of the software can identify who is rightly skilled nearest available technician and assign the job to him.

Reduced turnaround time: Another major advantage of using field service software is the reduced turnaround time. The software can live-track the locations of the field crew members. It can identify the nearest available technician. So, despite randomly assigning a task to a technician, who is at a very distant location and may require a lot of traveling to reach the new job site; the software assigns the job to a technician at the local territory. This way, that technician can save on traveling time and expenses and improve the turnaround time at the job site.

Improve first-visit effectiveness: One of the prime reasons why field service providers are interested in using field service software is because the software can improve the first visit effectiveness of the technicians. If jobs are not matched according to the skills of the technicians or if jobs are scheduled to the technicians who are not available in that particular time slot or if the technician is not carrying the right tools and equipment necessary for resolving the client's issue then it often leads to repeat visits. 

Repeat visits for the same client are an overhead expense for the service provider. Also, it is also one of the major reasons that negatively impact client satisfaction because the clients prefer first visit effectiveness. Field service software improves first visit effectiveness by rightly matching the skills to task by facilitating inventory management and real-time team collaboration.

Promote preventive maintenance: A field service provider can gratify its customers better by providing them preventive maintenance over reactive maintenance. Reactive maintenance means the customer has already faced downtime. But through preventive maintenance, you can ensure that your customer never has to face downtime, and this will improve customer experience and satisfaction level to an altogether new height. A field service software promotes preventive maintenance by automatically scheduling the recurring maintenance appointments.

Performance tracking: To achieve complete productivity in any business, it is important that its workforce performs with complete efficacy. In regards to that, performance management and tracking are very crucial. However, one of the biggest challenges faced by field service operators are how to track the performance of the on-field employees. Having a bird' eye view of the field activities of the field workforce is manually not possible. This is where the field service management system comes in very handy. 

The software can be installed on the personal devices of the field workforce. And thereafter, their live locations and field activities can be tracked in real-time by the supervisors. From any location, the supervisor can know whether the crew members are working, traveling, or on break. They can know which route they are traveling, when they have checked-in and checked out of a job, with whom they are communicating and can even track their communication trial. This way, the software brings complete transparency to the system. It also helps in keeping up a fair employee incentive structure in the organization.


Field service management software can transform field operations in a major way. There is no point in discussing whether one needs this software or not. Just the way any business process, or our day-to-day jobs are made convenient with the aid of applications, similarly even field operations can be made highly effective and efficient with field service software. 

There is one point to consider before selecting a field service software. It is recommended to associate with a software  development company that can provide customization facility in its field service software
The benefit of customization is that the software will be in more alignment with your business requirement. And also you will be provided with future maintenance and upgrades facilities, which are of great help in maintaining the scalability of the software.
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