How To do Facebook Advertising On A Shoestring Budget

How To do Facebook Advertising On A Shoestring Budget

Facebook advertising is not like other traditional marketing platforms. It won’t cost you a Kidney, so you can post your ads on Facebook even if you have a small budget. In addition, you can customize your audience, personalize your messages to widen your customer reach here.

That’s why Facebook advertising is better than other digital advertising channels. You can reach the people who have previously visited your website. In that way, you have a solid chance of gaining some quality leads and turning them into potential customers. 

So, let’s find out how you can do Facebook advertising on a small budget.

How To Do Facebook Advertising On A Small Budget?

Facebook advertising cost depends a lot on your industry, campaign objectives, and several other factors. A Facebook ad will cost you approximately $0.50-$2.00/ click. In that case, if you have a budget of $50 also, you can gain massive traffic and give your brand the ultimate exposure. So, let’s check out the steps to do that;

Step 1: Target your Audience

Firstly, find out who your target audience is. Then, create a detailed buyer persona while they are on their awareness and consideration stages of the purchasing journey. If you manage to align these personas with the Facebook audience, it will elevate your brand awareness noticeably. 

You want the audience to learn more about you, right? So, it’s time to harness the power of digital advertising and get on board with an optimized online presence. Therefore, the first step of Facebook advertising is to target the right set of audiences so that your products get a better promotion among them.

Step 2: Write The Ad

When you opt for Facebook advertising, you must be creative in your content and write a catchy headline. When people scroll down their timeline, the only thing that can catch their attention will be an enticing headline. If they like the headline, they will pause and take a look at it. So, write a question in the title that resonates with the users’ problems. Then, create several versions of the same ad, and ask people’s opinions about it.

In this way, you will get to post the ad that will attract the users’ attention, and they will take a look at the content. Don’t forget to visually stimulate your ad because that’s a primary rule of digital advertising. People often love to read a blog when there are pictures in it. You can also include a ‘learn more’ section so that the user can go to your website and find out more about it.

Step 3: Boost Your Ad

Now, when you already know your audience and have created an engaging ad for them, it’s time to boost your ad a little. First, make sure your ad has no error in it. Double-check all the spellings, data, links, and creative aspects of the ad. Now, click on the ‘boost post’ option to edit your post and reach an ocean of new possible audiences.

You will get more likes, more shares, and more comments when you will use this option. This is because your benefits of Facebook advertising is to engage more with the audience. So, when you boost your post with a power editor, it becomes fit for a full-screen format. Thus, your chances of gaining more views will increase.

Step 4:  Spend A Little More Money

For each advertising, Facebook will cost you $1.00. If you can spend from $1.00-$3.50 every day behind Facebook advertising, you will likely keep the entire marketing cost down. For starters, keep a low budget for daily ads so that you get to know which ads are effective and which ones are not. 

There is an essential metric in your ad called ‘Frequency.’ If you apply it, you will know how many people saw your ad each day. If you run the ad longer for the same audience, it will have a higher frequency rate. Stick to short-length ads, and you will have a higher engagement rate.

Step 5: Find Out What Works

While there is an opportunity for all businesses on Facebook, different industries have varying costs and returns on their investments. Now, some businesses have a local focus, and some have a global focus, so that plays a part. Moreover, some companies have a fewer competition in that area, and some have more competition, so that’s also a factor.

When you post an ad, you must check the metrics to find out how your ads are performing against the competitors. Once you find out what is working for you, prioritize that. It may happen that the factors you considered the best are not working, and something you did not expect is working. So, focus on that, and take your digital advertising to the next level.


If you want to gain success in Facebook advertising, you must post quality ads with concise content. Nobody has time to read lengthy content in the fast-paced world, so whatever you have to say, be precise. However, if you focus on the earlier-mentioned steps, you can quickly run a Facebook marketing campaign on a small budget. So, all the entrepreneurs out there, here is your chance to add a new edge to your digital advertising, and broaden your exposure. 

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