Last Five Winners Of The East Anglian Greyhound Derby

Last Five Winners Of The East Anglian Greyhound Derby

As we approach the 75th anniversary of the East Anglian Greyhound Derby, the anticipation around Yarmouth is palpable. With spectators finally allowed back in attendance after a 19-month absence, the competitions diamond anniversary will feel that extra bit special — having a plethora of greyhounds all capable of claiming the top prize after a strong season thus far.

While it is still hard to call a premature favourite from the ante-post Betdaq greyhound tips, you only have to look at how close some of the races have finished to see this one looks like a real nail-biter — with the likes of Bockos Jon Jo and Lylas Boy all set to compete, and with the small but dedicated set of spectators back to impress, this race will feel all the more poignant. They will all want to write their names in the history books and join some of the other legendary winners of one of the year’s biggest races. With that in mind, we thought we would run through the last five champions in ascending order.

2016 - Clondoty Alex

In the competition’s 70th anniversary it was Clondoty Alex who was victorious under the supervision of trainer Mark Wallis. The 9/2 chance exited prematurely in the eliminators the year previous to the surprise of many, but came back with a vengeance this time around, demonstrating remarkable pace to finishing with a time of 27.79 seconds, winning big events even in his second and third years of running.

2017 - Newinn Shadow

Graham Holland’s Newinn Shadow made light work of the 462m track, taking home the top prize with a strong performance in difficult conditions. He started slowly in the previous eliminators but turned it on when the stakes were really raised and the floodlights beamed down on the Yarmouth Stadium. He beat close contender Hiya Butt relatively comfortably and went on to enjoy victories across the Midlands throughout the next year.

2018 - Affane Party

After a difficult season, which resulted in losses at Sheffield and injury in Dundalk, Perry Barr’s Affane Party had to make a good impression third time round — and he duly delivered. Finishing with a very impressive time of 27.23 seconds, the six-year-old picked up a career-ending injury shortly after, but still has his name in the record books.

2019 - RoxholmeNidge

The most recent race to have taken place with spectators in attendance, it was the favourites billing RoxholmeNidge who took home the £10,000 prize. He dominated on the seaside, impressing trainer Hayley Keightleywho said:"He had a real challenge here tonight and he gets vulnerable coming to the home line, but he dug deep and called the shots," 

"I've been very patient with him at home and he responds to me well. Yarmouth is a very demanding race for both dogs and trainers.”

2020 - Kilara Lion

Despite the most recent edition of East Anglian Greyhound Derby being somewhat overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic, forcing it to be ran behind close doors, spirits were still high for the Patrick Janssens-trainedKilara Lion as he claimed victory in an eerily quiet Yarmouth Stadium. Following a brief sabbatical from racing, Kilara Lion set the standard with an impressive 27.62 seconds finishing time to justify her status as the pre-race favourite.

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