Sallè The Hawker: 5 Interesting Facts You’d Love To Know About The Talented Street Hawker

Sallè The Hawker

In this article, we'd be seeing some interesting facts you'd love to know about the super-talented street hawker cum singer, Sallè. The internet has no doubt, helped a lot of people get noticed. A lot of talented singers, models, actors and even comedians have been able to garner public attention after posting their works online.

Sallè Profile

In this article, we'd be seeing a short biography of the youngster and some amazing facts you'd love to know about here:

• Sallè was born in 2004 in Nigeria.
• She hails from Imo, a state located in the easter region of the country.
• Salle reportedly came from a poor background, hence she had to hawk to make ends meet.
• Not much is known about her Sallè's educational background, but some online sources have revealed that she is still undergoing secondary education.
• Young Salle was found hawking goods on the streets. According to online sources, she was found on the streets of Owerri, the capital of Imo State.

You can connect with Sallè on Instagram @callmesalle.

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