Start Your Change Process: Re-Power Your Mind

Start Your Change Process: Re-Power Your Mind

Developing your mind - one of the four aspects of personal changes within the process - is to prepare yourself mentally (both at the subconscious and conscious level) daily, meditative, or otherwise.

“Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your mind."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your intellectual health is crucial to a healthy body, your soul, and your emotions.

Achieving a personal mental cognizance - a change in mindset - can set you free and open a portal to many possibilities that seemed impossible to you before.

A conscious or subconscious switch from an old (intellectual) paradigm towards any new idea channels new energy into the body to move towards a higher goal.

It is unlike your brain (an organ). It records the experiences - your emotions, thoughts, ideas, and knowledge - that you underwent during every waking and sleeping moment.

Although you cannot touch or see it, the results of one that is well-trained and controlled; you can see.

Beware not to be caught in "the mind is willing, but the flesh is weak" situation as one's intellectual and physical health are intimately connected.

Keep a Peak Mental Health ALWAYS

It is the central, most propelling force that can empower you with the needed life-long developmental change that stirs up the daily inspiration and motivation to go that extra mile when the journey seems toughest.

Focus On Becoming an Informed Thinker: Educate and Re-educate - Cultivate a Learning Intellect

First, you need to spring-clean your mental system daily. It can have predominantly effects upon your body, emotions, and soul.

Clear it of all old beliefs, limiting opinions of other people in your life, and residue of past "failures" - which are basically "lessons" to be learned! Your psyche language is very crucial – increase its inspirational vocabulary.

Learn to become a nourished thinker, daily; for it will nourish you. How? Cultivate mental learning for good ideas, and you will be on your way to growth and success! The only vital source of mental rejuvenation is education.

I couldn't agree more with Mortimer Adler who said: "The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live." When you live with a purpose - is leading an inspired life; you "flourish" in that direction.

Adopt a brand new set of life strategies for your psyche system, and propel yourself through your very own personal development plan.

Capitalize on refining the education and re-education of your intellect for a better, richer self and life. Read (or listen) and adopt good ideas from as many books, magazines, and other resources. 

Be selective as to what you put in it - the positive (inspirational and motivational) things, the negative garbage to be kept to the minimum.

Debate every issue from both sides and this will help you to decide on what information is good and what information is bad for you. It would be a good idea to find a soulmate to discuss various issues that bother you, and lots of online apps like It would be a good idea to find a soulmate to discuss various issues that bother you, and lots of online apps like Omegle chat can help you with it.  Do not just blindly receive; this is your dream factory. Guard it at ALL times! 

Focus On A Nutritious Brain-Diet: Renew and Rejuvenate - Cultivate A Nutrient-Packed Cerebral-Diet

You need to know that your cerebral matter is highly sensitive and easily damaged by everything we ingest - especially such "food" like alcohol and drugs.

Like all other bodily organs' cells, cerebral cells are continually renewed. Two-thirds of the brain is composed of fatty acids - the basic component of nerve cell membranes where all communications with other cells take place.

These cells need to be fed with polyunsaturated fats (commonly known as Omega-3 fatty acids). Research has shown that low levels of such fats' consumption links to depression and lethargy, and thus; they can radically change one's behavior and our ability to react to stress.

Such fats can be obtained from the fat tissue of fish. Thus, cold-water fish - like mackerel, herring, tuna, whole anchovies, wild salmon, and sardines (arranged in descending order of their fats level).

For vegetarians, foods, and oils - like flaxseed, rapeseed, walnuts, spinach, dried seaweed, spirulina, and watercress - contain omega-3. Studies have shown that omega-3 inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

With the right nutrients fed to the brain, your mind can function more effectively and efficiently.

Focus On A Loved Mind: To Give Before You Receive - Cultivate A Love-Others-First Attitude

Love, or kindness, is one of the best psyche "medicines." With love, you feel you can conquer almost anything; without it, you see life as not worth living.

The power of love on your brain can have such compelling effects! It converts love directly into energy to surmount any obstacles along your path to success.

To get that feeling, get acquainted with the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind quotes. 

The best way to get love is to give it; unconditionally and in abundance, to anyone who needs it. When given in abundance, it will be returned in abundance - maybe not from the object of your offering, but an unexpected source.

Always check your reaction when it is unreturned. If you ever noticed that it has not come back, you are bartering - expecting it to come back; and thus, is not unconditional love.

If you had been hurt before, for your own sake, be brave to have the courage to trust again. No one can survive without love in their lives.

Check your mind’s language. Words of love and inspiration can do wonders for your own and others' minds and souls.

Remember: You have to give love to get love.

Focus On An Oxygenated Brain: Physical Workouts - Cultivate An Active And Growing Mind

Exercise is THE BEST way to get EXTRA OXYGEN into a growing and active brain; and also helps rid the body of any residue of stress hormones.

You need not run a marathon; just moderate (heart-pumping) exercise - preferably something you enjoy; otherwise, it will be stressful to continue. It could be dancing, yoga, rowing, running or tennis.

Consistency is THE KEY if you want to have sustainable results.

Your mind is kept muscular and alert - due to the increased level of serotonin and dopamine in the brain which helps you to focus, improve memory and curtail impulsiveness. Thus, it reduces the risk of mental decline upon reaching old age.

Recent studies have shown that exercise can keep you young - helps the skeletal muscle defy gravity.

Focus On Mental Development: Conscious Workout for Your Subconscious - Developing a Positive State of Mind

A great mental discipline to boost and enhance memory and focus skills of the mind is through playing IQ games and toys. Start with simple and then make it more difficult and challenging.

Train your mind to be in a meditative state before you "plant" your "seeds of success" (however big that dream might be). Traditional sit-down meditation techniques, yoga, or walking by the sea can help to quiet and prepare your mind to receive positive thoughts more effectively.

Meditation together with visualization work wonders for your mental development. You can train your mind to immerse in the experience of achieving your goal. If you cannot visualize it, try getting the first-hand experience by going to the venue where you "expect" to make your "success moment" a reality.

Other great times to train your mind are on waking first thing in the morning (where your conscious guard is not awakened), the last thing at night just before you drop off to sleep (where the conscious guard is closing down), and right after a physical training session (where you experience a natural high which momentarily bypass the conscious guard).

Remember that such times are when you "plant seeds” of positiveness into your brain - read a good book or watch an inspirational film. These are those moments where you see pure truth - "the access" beyond your consciousness into the infinite possibilities.

Many people find this area of mental concentration difficult. Here, I will have to suggest getting yourself a personal coach (either one-to-one, a team, or self-helped) - either in the area of your interest (as in sports) or personal development, coach to boost your confidence in the initial stage and then take off on your own at any other stages.

“Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts."

~ Proverbs 4:20-27, the Bible

This inside-out, mental change within yourself can be scary and fearful to many people. You need to practice these daily to avoid self-sabotage (as at some level of unconsciousness, you do not want to succeed).

Be reminded that you are the one in control and external influences are not as strong as your internal influence. Protect yourself from allowing yourself to be influenced by them. You are both your own best friend and greatest enemy. Do not allow yourself to fall back into the negativity traps.

Besides self-discipline, vigilance is the key to stay on the positive side. As you grow stronger in your desires, you will be able to sustain a level of POWERFUL unconsciousness that will help you to succeed in your goals.

Do remember that you will also need to work on the other three key areas (to personal development success) of the "change within" process - the body, the soul, and the emotion. You will be able to function more effectively as a holistic person.

It may seem to take a long time to achieve all four completely, but do be patient with yourself. As the word "process" says it all (in my personal development definition): it needs and takes time.

Start a journal to jot down all those desires and soon, the "change within" realization will present itself through your life strategies and personal development plans.

Allow these ideas to brew in your mind over the next few seconds and days. You will feel a growing inspiration, an invigorating motivated sensation hovering inside you; that you have had never before experienced.

Relax; just enjoy the "change within you" process that you are already starting to experience or experiencing just by reading this page.

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