The 3 Best Ways to Make Coffee While Traveling

The 3 Best Ways to Make Coffee While Traveling

So, you’re headed on a few fun trips. You’re all packed up, but one thing is missing: coffee!

There’s no way to embark on your adventures without coffee. So, you must remedy this ASAP! 

Unfortunately, it gets to be spendy heading to Starbucks, so you can rule that out. (Besides, you may be camping out and away from a Starbucks, anyway.) So it would help if you came up with a better solution. 

Here are some of the best coffee travel tips that'll ensure you always have coffee by your side!

1. Get a Travel Kit

Don’t want to mess with the hassle of picking out all of your coffee accessories and supplies? Then get a coffee travel kit. A kit usually comes with everything you need — a kettle, stainless steel mug, collapsible dripper, coffee ground scooper, and a few more essentials. 

The Pakt Coffee Kit is one example of an excellent kit. It includes all the accessories I just mentioned. 

If you enjoy drinking French press coffee, you should look for a kit that includes a French press. A French press is easy to pack and is a must for delicious coffee. In fact, We will explain how to make a cold brew later in this article, so stay tuned. 

A small travel kit is ideal to pack, and if you want to be ready to hit the road with your coffee in tow, this is a great option. 

2. Bring Your Own Grinder 

If you get a coffee kit that already comes with a grinder, then feel free to ignore this tip. But I highly recommend getting your own grinder to have with you during your trips. 

A compact grinder that’s around six inches long and four inches in diameter is a good size. With a grinder, you can maintain your coffee’s flavor and control how strong or light you want it. 

One example of a small grinder is the Porlex mini stainless steel grinder. It’s compact and convenient to put in a food bag! 

3. Try New Coffee Beans 

Since you’re on the road, don’t be afraid to branch out and try new coffee beans. If you have favorite beans you can’t live without, then, by all means, bring them along. 

But traveling gives you an excuse to buy some new beans at a new coffee shop or local supermarket. So enjoy the chance to experience fresh, tasty beans when you’re visiting new towns! 

You may get so hooked on some new beans that you end up bringing home a few bags!

Bonus: Make a Cold Brew 

As I mentioned earlier, a French press is an excellent addition to your coffee kit. With a French press, you can make specific coffee drinks, such as cold brew. Just make sure to pack a French press that’s plastic and not glass. Picking up glass in your car or suitcase wouldn’t be fun! 

When you’re in the car a lot, it’s hard to make hot coffee. However, cold brew is relatively easy to make if you don’t have access to hot water or power. 

As long as you have cooler temperatures (even putting it in the trunk of your car will do), you can make your cold brew. And, of course, a fridge is even better if you’re staying somewhere overnight. 

It takes around 10 hours to brew your coffee, although it’s better if you can wait anywhere between 16-24 hours. 

First, mix your beans and water in the beaker, and don’t press down the lid. Let it sit for the full 10+ hours. Then, right before you drink it, press down the lid and plunger. It’s now time to sit back and enjoy your tasty drink! And I promise you, it will taste delicious! 


There’s no doubt about it. You can’t hit the road without your coffee! So, now, you have some ideas that’ll ensure you’re never without your favorite drink. 

Making coffee during your journeys will save you a lot of money. It may take some trial and error to make coffee you love, but in time, you should become a pro at it. If you’re looking for a portable and functional coffee mug, check out Fellow’s Carter Move Mug at this site. Not only does it have a snap-in splash guard to prevent messy drinking while on the go, but also several other features such as a leak-proof seal and a heat-lock double wall vacuum. Get yours today! 

Whether you use a kit or put together your own, now, you can get your caffeine fix while traveling!

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