Trying to Cut Expenses? Here are 5 Cost-Cutting Items to Grow at Home

Trying to Cut Expenses? Here are 5 Cost-Cutting Items to Grow at Home

Grocery prices have been on the rise due to the economic strains caused by the pandemic, with no end in sight. This isn’t wonderful news for any type of consumer, whether you’re working, retired, single, or have a family to support. It’s hard for all of us to put food on the table.

But believe us, there are ways to save money. Maybe even a few you never took seriously until the price inflation really struck. For example, have you considered growing your own produce?  

This is not some utopian fantasy, nor does it require an excessively green thumb to happen. Lots of people grow their own foods, in their home’s backyard or their apartment’s windowsill. 

There is tremendous personal satisfaction in growing your own sustenance and for a quality spore you can connect here. And what’s more, you can save yourself tons of cash in the process.

Not sure where to even start? That’s completely understandable, and we’re here to help. These are the five cost-cutting items you can grow at home.

1. Tomatoes

Growing your own tomatoes is a popular cost-cutting, DIY journey. 

What makes the idea of growing your own tomatoes so appealing is the versatility of the tomato itself.  

For example:

• You can eat tomatoes raw
• You can cook them
• You can use tomatoes to make delectable sauces
• And you can eat them as part of breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Tomatoes are healthy, vibrant, and utterly delicious. But they are also expensive to buy at the store, thus the additional benefit of growing your own.

In terms of how and where to grow tomatoes in your home, there are a couple of main points to know right off the bat. You really need a fairly large amount of available space. And you need to grow them in an area where there’s tons of sunshine.

To grow your own, pick up a hydroponic kit and keep these tips in mind.

2. Herbs

Herbs are another versatile crop that are pricey to buy at the store yet possible to grow yourself at home.

They are a healthy way to add huge amounts of flavor to various dishes. 

Along with growing your own herbs for seasoning dishes, you can also use fresh-grown herbs in:
• Personal care products
• Natural cleaning products for the home
• Homemade aromatherapy oils
• DIY medicines and healing salves
• ...and more!

People who use herbs in their meals and for these other reasons know that it’s easy to spend a small fortune buying them from the store.

Instead, opt to grow your own herb garden. Check out this resource to learn more about how. 

3. Mushrooms

Mushrooms: some people love them and can’t get enough. Others consider them a funky, slimy fungus they won’t go anywhere near.

People in the first camp, however, really love mushrooms. Which is great, except for one thing – they can be very, very pricey!

Mushroom varieties, like shiitake, morel, chanterelles, trumpet, truffle, and porcini, are some of the most expensive veggies in the supermarket’s produce section.

Most people only buy them for special occasions, and even then, they limit how much they purchase. Incredibly, though, it is possible to grow your own!

You can buy a mushroom cultivation kit from Amazon and other online retailers with ease.  

4. Cannabis

Like with the other cost-cutting items to grow at home on this list, cannabis is a versatile plant. It can also be very expensive, making the ability to cultivate it at home a wonderful option.

Some people want to grow cannabis plants to enjoy it as a psychoactive drug, Others like to add cannabis extract to self-care products, like lotions. And there are others who rely on cannabis for its medicinal purposes.

Whatever reason you may have for trying out marijuana hydroponics, doing so can save you a lot of money over purchasing it from a dispensary or a dealer.

To learn all about growing cannabis at home, check out this resource.

5. Lettuce/Salad Greens 

Okay, at first thought, it may not seem like simple, humble lettuce sets you back much. 

But anyone who eats a daily salad and likes to add salad greenery to their other meals for a boost of vitamins and minerals knows otherwise.

Lettuce and other salad greens, such as romaine, spinach, kale, and arugula, add up quickly in price when you eat them daily. But that’s no reason to cut back on eating these crunchy, nutritious greens. 

Grow your own instead! And check out this guide to learn how to do so. 



While you cannot slow down the rising prices at the grocery store, you can control your own supply.

Grow your own items like these at home and you’ll enjoy a rewarding hobby that also cuts costs. It’s a win-win situation for your health and your wallet.
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