5 Steps To Make A Website On Your Own

5 Steps To Make A Website On Your Own

If you organize your activities properly, self-education may well become a great alternative to the traditional way of learning. And there are some skills in our digital era, that are - And making a website surely belongs to them. Then you can make a site on your own - for yourself, your friends, or future customers. There are no limits - with our short guide you will be able to do your first landing page, or the first interactive form, as for example tonybet.ke/help/contacts. In this article, we will give you some instructions on how to make your own website from scratch. 

Your Customers’ Portrait - A Very First Step

First, try to draw a portrait of a potential customer. How old is he or she, what does he or she like? Ask yourself questions on behalf of the customer to put the most important things on the site. What questions might come up about the product or service? 

Coding Or Website Builder - What To Choose

Well, there are two ways to make a website:  you can write the code or assemble the site on a website builder. Sites that are made with code have a wide range of features. To work on your code, you will need to install one of the code editors like NetBeans or Notepad+++. And website-builders are programs that generate code themselves. They make it easier to make the site by yourself, but you will only have basic functions available to you. Constructors can easily assemble a landing page, but you can't make a multi-page site. 

A landing page is a one-page site. It has no links to other sites, no long stories and offers several services. The task of the landing page is to convince the customer to buy a product. The landing consists of several blocks, but they are all on the same page. 

Think About The Content

So, you have decided on the website-builder for the landing page. Then, you need to think about the text. To keep the customer engaged, make your landing page more informative. We recommend you put the name of your store, address, and specific offers in the first screen. 

Think About The Design

The right “appearance” of your landing page is also important - all visual elements such as photos, colours, buttons, shapes must complement each other and be in the right place.  

Analyze The Result

After assembling the site, use services to track traffic and site conversion rate. You can use them to see how the client looks at the site: which buttons he clicks on, which blocks he scrolls through, where he stops. So, it is possible to make a website yourself in just 5 simple steps, you just need motivation and creativity.

5 Steps To Make A Website On Your Own

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