History of Modicon And Some Of Its Recent Developments

History of Modicon And Some Of Its Recent Developments

Since the PLC was invented about 40 years ago, Modicon has made a lot of progress. Modicon plcs products are still the most developed in programmable automation technology.

In 1968, if someone wanted to design a control system, they had only two options. The hard-wired transmitters or the hard-wired solid-state logic.
The two of them had the same problems. It is hard writing. If something had to be changed it would cost both a lot of money and time. Even if you had to make a minor change it will be a tiring job.

It was a huge challenge to make a huge change. There were some serious worries if there will be enough space in the board to fit any other transmitters and logic panels. There was a possibility that the machine could be not functional for a long period, while the adjustments are being applied.

The first Modicon came to life in 1969 and is called Modicon 084. Many users liked the amazing flexibility that Modicon offered.
Still, it was bad for them, that they can not afford the money to buy its equipment as they can not fix it themselves. 

Not to mention, the first PlC was used in the United Kingdom. It was a developed version of the original 084. It gained huge success. Its sales had reached about $5 million worldwide. Later on, Modicon 284 was introduced in 1975. The year 1975 also witnessed the manufacture of the Modicon 384.

Many enhancements were made recently to ensure the continued leadership of Modicon in automation and control. Some of these developments include:

1- The new Modicon m340 PAC:

Modicon M340 Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) are created to fit the demands of the process industry and the huge number of exacting automation applications.
Modicon M340 PACs can be used alone, but it is also good to work with the Modicon M580. Together they can boost the performance, quality, and productivity of the machine production, industrial procedure, or the project’s infrastructure. 

It has an internal memory of 4GB and SD could be added to it, to use for program backup or to fasten the process of loading the pre-prepared programs. It comes with a USB port too, It also has two ports that are designed for Ethernet, CANopen, or Modbus.

2- The Modicon Quantum Safety Controller

It is used to achieve safety in people, factories, and tools used for production. It helps to provide a better and secure work environment. It offers both safety and easy access. 

You can find additional information about Modicon on the MRO Electric website.

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