History of Cybersport And What You Need To Know

History of Cybersport And What You Need To Know

Cybersport is the name given to competitions that take place in virtual, interactive games.
It is also called e-sports or computer sports. Individual players and whole teams compete against each other in different virtual games. This sport is gaining popularity and is actively developing over the past 10 years.

Cyber-sports should not be confused with virtual sports. The latter involves fighting for real people, and computer programs. Due to the popularity of cybersports many bookmakers accept bets on the sport.

How did eSports come into being?

The first computer games competition took place back in the 1970s at Stanford University. It was a virtual game called Spacewar. The tournament took place in the school's computer room, and to attract competitors and fans all those who came were offered free beer.

Ten years later, around 10,000 gamers in America were playing the game. And it was not just battles in the computer labs of universities, and these championships Space Invaders in a specially designated place.

In the 90's there was a huge breakthrough in the industry of computer games. At this time, the Internet appeared, so video games became hugely popular. Teams that used to fight offline in a designated room with the appropriate equipment were now able to play each other online. At this time, Warcraft competitions were particularly popular.

Development of eSports

At the end of the XX century organizers of computer battles conducted a series of tournaments. As a result, professional leagues begin to appear.

Among them are the following:

● Cyberathlete Professional League;

● Professional Gamers League.

As a result, eSports began to conquer the world and spread to different countries. Some competitions began to be held on a regular basis, because they gathered as many spectators as traditional sports. The most common ones were the Counter-Strike and Quake tournaments. In addition, cyber sports have a huge place in betting, with betting houses such as https://betwinnernigeria.com

In the early 2000s there was a cybersports boom in South Korea. Virtually the entire young population of the country, from schoolchildren and students to young professionals, are battling it out in virtual games. These battles take place in internet cafes that pop up like mushrooms after the rain. Eventually, after some time, South Korea systematized cyber sports in the framework of the law and became the first country to do so.

International competitions

Every year international cybersports tournaments are held in different countries. The games are broadcast online via the Internet so that fans all over the world can watch the battles. The World Cyber Games competition can be rightfully considered to be the Olympic Games of cybersports. Similar tournaments have been held every year since the turn of the millennium.

Some popular game producers hold their own separate tournaments with large prize pools. These include The International for Dota 2 and League of legends. Not so long ago the World Association of eSports was created. The annual turnover of money in this discipline is 5 billion dollars.

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