How To Register For Fun88 Quickly

How To Register For Fun88 Quickly

Fun88 is the home of sports betting and Casino. They are owned by the Welton Holdings Limited, and has two licenses from reputable gaming authorities. Most of their games come from Microgaming and NextGen, and they do not offer any games themselves.

Fun88 is certified by Gaming Associates, and they offer a broad range of services from online casinos to sports betting, including virtual sports for players globally with the Fun88’s multilingual support.

One thing you should take note of is that creating multiple accounts on a device is discouraged, and you can be suspended for it.

Even if you are creating an account with a family member or friend, it is best to use a different device.

How To Register For A Fun88 Account

To register for a Fun88 account, I will be sharing three major steps of the process.

Step One: Visit the official website

To create an account, the first step is to visit the official website. At the top you will see the sign up or register button.

You can also consider using your Gmail or Facebook account, as they will make it faster for you.

Step Two: Fill up the data required

After clicking on sign up, the next point is filling the required data. 

The information needed for this step include:

Username: The required login username to should be 4-11 characters with only letters and numbers, for example, damian001 or Singapore. 

Password: Your password should be of 6-16 characters, having only alphabets and number figures, for example damian2379. You’ll need to enter it again to confirm it. It is advisable you use a different password for the website that you haven’t used anywhere else.

Full name: Enter your legal first and last names. 

Email address: Enter your favorite email address. It’ll be used to send you newsletters, as well as secure your account.

Phone number: An OTP will be sent to the number you dropped. Enter your current working contact number.

Step Three: Submit and complete

The next step is to submit the information. You will get an email about the success of the account creation, and the button to bet now.

You will be able to select your favorite funding source and that’s all.

Mistakes To Avoid While Playing On Fun88

Some of the mistakes you should avoid include:

- Using incorrect personal information

While you may be tempted to be anonymous, it is best to put your correct information while signing up and playing.

This is because some verification will need to be done to make sure you’re the legal age, and falsification can lead to penalties.

- Not reading and following the rules

There are rules to every game, and not following them can cause you a loss or outright disqualification. You need to follow every steps religiously, and do what’s required and not what you think.

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